Saturday, November 28, 2009


oil on linen/board

My client wanted me to touch up the copy on the label and finish it. I of course, being crazy, decided to do it over. I've learned two valuable lessons from this commission. I'm really not at all good at painting objects on demand. And by that I mean the experience, not the result. I thought I'd enjoy it and it would be easy for me. It turned out to be the opposite. I'm proud to present this to my client, but the experience wasn't what I'd expected. I'm finding my painting career isn't static, it will change and it will grow, but only if I accept that I have limitations and that I should paint what inspires me. That said, I am grateful for the commission, the experience and all I've learned from it.


  1. Suzanne!

    Both of these turned out great but I like the one on the left the best. The background looks so sleek and a real salad dressing ad!

    So, which one is the newest one?


  2. Good job, Suz. I can't believe you redid the whole thing instead of just tweaking the one you had! I see improvements, though, that helps to take the new one to a different level - especially the ellipse in the lid and better definition in the lettuce. So, the client wanted ALL of the text included in the label... good thing you didn't paint the back of it, you'd have had to include the ingredients and nutrition facts... I've found that every piece that we create is a learning experience, not only in our skill sets, but also in who we are and why we do this. Keep up the great work. -Don

  3. Wow! I thought you did an amazing job with the first one. Now I'm totally blown away!

  4. Dean, thanks so much. The newest one is on the left. This commission has been a problem since I started it. I feel so badly for my client, I seem to be making one promise after another that I can't keep. Ever have one of those projects that ya just can't seem to finish! Arrrrgh! Thanks again

    Don, thanks dude. I have so much trouble with ellipses and painting copy with a brush is like root canal w/o novacaine for me. Thanks so much!

    Sheila, Thank you! I really appreciate it.


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