Sunday, November 15, 2009


The Diana Moses Botkin Challenge for November is "the view outside my studio," chosen this month by Michael Naples. A great choice of subject matter, but I was stumped. My proper studio, a studio I spent lots of time and money renovating, is downstairs, on the first floor. An ideal location for raising young pups and logging long hours on paintings in progress wouldn't one think? However, I've chosen to remain upstairs, dealing with stairs, a bad knee, two pups and paint on everything, including our quilt and my face. It just feels better up there right now and little Suzanne has acted up quite enough this month, I thought it best to just give her what she wants right now.

Anyway, I found some really nice bushes outside, underneath the bedroom window that caught my eye. And technically, if I open the window, stick my head out and look down, there they are!

I absolutely love the different views from the group's studios this month! So varied and so well done. I'm honored to be a member and I might have done everything correctly this month! Yea!


The View 4x6” Original oil on hardboard
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Green Belt  8x8” watercolor on paper
©2009 Robin Cheers

Studio View  8x8.5”  oil on canvas
©2009 Silvina Day

Studio View 24x18” oil on canvas
©2009 Marie Fox

Electric Highway 8x8” oil on board
©2009 Michael Naples

View from my Studio 8x10” oil on panel
©2009 Vicki Ross


  1. Your leaves look so real, I am presuming you worked from a photo or did you stick your head out of the window to paint ;) I am always covered in paint almost all my clothes are too.

  2. Okay, Suzanne, I seriously thought this was a photo! ... I kept scrolling down to find your painting of this view outside your studio. You are more than good... and like Don, my socks are across the room!


  3. Yes you did everything just right, dear Girl! I love realism and this painting of yours made me happy to see. I'm so glad you're participating.

    I learn something each month from what everyone paints, which makes me think of the different approaches that went into all the pieces, which adds to all the fun.

    That's amusing to me that you work in your room even though you have a real studio. I also paint in my bedroom, shuffling piles of stuff around depending on where I need to put my painting in progress. It makes me smile to think I'm perhaps not the only one working in a comfy little mess of a room.

    I was talking to another artist friend this evening and she was telling me about her two (young) dogs who live in her house and love to tear up papers, sometimes even the papers she prints from her desktop... as they are printed. I told her I'd never be able to have dogs like that in the house because my husband and I have PILES of papers and books everywhere. She said she did too UNTIL SHE GOT THE DOGS.... which makes me almost grateful that I have dog allergies and can't have them indoors!

  4. Diana M, thank you so much! i used to spend the time we were forced to attend meetings doodling endless leaf arrangements in pen. painting this brought me back to those days. and yes, to avoid falling, i thought it best to use photo reference! :0) thanks again!

    Don, dude, you say the nicest things!! thank you so much. i had about five leaves painted since learning of the subject last month and left it during my visit to the dark place. of course i had to work non-stop starting friday to finish in time, but it was fun to do.

    Nicki, thank you so much! Your words are so appreciated!

    Diana M-B, thank you so much! i had the rules and instructions on my computer desktop and followed them to the letter. i used to doodle leave in those torturous meetings we had to attend back in the day, so this was really fun to do. i really enjoyed the varied views this month, i loved them all.

    i've got stacks of books, papers etc. all over the place, cramped easel space, the pups playpen, a king sized bed, computer and tv and i couldn't be happier. and my nice, orderly, spacious compared to the bedroom studio sits unused! i guess it's all about how one feels. my pups sat quietly chewing on a reference photo i was drawing from last week, so i know how your friend feels. thanks again.

  5. Suzanne!

    This turned out great!

    At first glance I thought it was a real photo! Yes, it's that good!

    I love plants and nature in general so this painting just spoke to me.


  6. The leaves are lush and simply mind-blowing!


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