Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DMB CHALLENGE - "Tools of the Trade"

10x30" oil on canvas  SOLD

It's that time again! This month, it was my turn to choose our subject, and I chose "Tools of the Trade." We were free to use any tools, from any trade.

I chose eyes as my "tools" for two reasons. They are integral to most occupations and I thought it would be a great way to continue my "body parts" series. Sneaky.

I got a late start and didn't have the time to paint the canvas black. I think I prefer working on a black canvas but the white didn't present many problems, except that feeling of filling the canvas a lot sooner.

I'm very happy with the results and feel that this series, as it develops, will define it's own style and feeling. I've been besotted with Jenny Saville (here featured from a 2009 post on the Women Painting Women blog) lately. Such incredible brush and color work!

I absolutely love visiting the WPW blog. Such inspiration and talent! Amazing! Digressing. My point here is that I plan to wield my paintbrush with much more some point. I'm finding it best to take in all the inspiration I can and then sit down to work and just see what happens.

Also, if you are an artist or even if you're not, you might find this site interesting...

It's literally a video magazine featuring today's prominent artists in demonstrations and interviews! I purchased two issues and downloaded them quickly and easily. The videos are so inspirational and informative that along with my morning web crawl, I try to fit in a demonstration by one of the magazine's featured artists. Nothing like being intimidated to get those creative juices flowing.

And, before I try to come up with a clever segue to lead you into the challenge group's response to "Tools of the Trade," I would like to announce that this post and all posts to follow will be created and written by Suzanne_version 1.01. This new and improved version of the artist has been updated with new software that will all but eliminate any residual whining, insecurity and doubt that previously surrounded her work. I'm pumped! Let the creativity and healing begin!

Sorry, no clever segue except to give a belated and warm welcome to our new incredibly gifted members: Mark Adams, Becky Joy and Mary Maxam! Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by.

“A Painter’s Handful’
8”x10” oil
©2012 Mary Maxam

© Becky Joy

“Barber Tools”
Oil on hardboard 6”x8”
©2012 Diana Moses Botkin

“Bluebird En Plein Air”
oil on panel, 4x4”
©Vicki Ross

“Tools of the trade - Bartender”
6” x 8” Oil on panel
© Mark Adams


  1. Oh Suzanne - You are a GENIUS with your brush! A master at your medium and and inspiration to us all! This is an extraordinary painting - I find it so intriguing! I refer in particular to the reflection in her eyes - I can almost see what she sees! I LOVE this! Aside from the incredible eyes, the hair is beautifully painted, the eyelashes, the skin tones... just faultless!

  2. Your tools are beautiful! Love this interpretation and the video link-thanks!

  3. Stunning painting of a clever interpretation!

  4. Hi there Suzanne!... How very breathtakingly... "eye-catching" is this visual panorama/facial landscape!

    It leaves me believing and having an ol' song in my head:

    "I Only Have Eyes For You"!... Silly Bear!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Congratulations on this gorgeous painting!!! I LOVE IT!!! thank you for the links on the video...I'll have to check it out!! Again, Suzanne...You're amazing!!!!

  6. How can you do this? You are so amazing!
    We love those beautiful eyes-- so much expression!
    The nose- the hair - everything!
    This is another
    "Master Blue Ribbon Winner" for sure.
    We would just be in awe to see you paint.
    You shock us everytime we look at your paintings..
    thank you for the linky....
    and of course-we love you talking to us,,, we just love it!
    Its like your right here with us, and we wish you were!

  7. I love them all! Suz, where did you buy the new and improved Suzanne? I'm looking for a new Kelley, but didn't know I could just 'get' one!
    LOVE your treatment of the eyes..... deep.

  8. Hands and eyes were two of the ideas I considered developing for this Challenge. So I'm particularly glad to see your eyes painting which is so lovely. Those eyes look very knowing... and also like they are seeking.

    It's fun when we reveal our work, to see who came up with what, how close or far apart we all were in developing the theme.

  9. Nevver saw that coming...yes, sneaky. I'm not part of the group but I consider you pardoned due to the outcome of your work. :) Incredible as usual.

  10. Suzanne, This painting is truly inspiring. Love it and your new thinking. Thanks too for the video link.

  11. Beautiful eyes full of expression, facial expressions you are so good at.
    Glad to meet the new and improved version of Miss Suzanne, long may she live ;)!! xxxx

  12. Fabulous painting (oh to have her eyes, eyebrows, hair...!), Suz. And you whine all you want. Its your blog and you can cry if you want to. LOL It is always interesting to me to know that you do share those feelings of insecurity because I wouldn't expect it from an artist of your caliber. We're all human, I suspect! Still, your work is always beautiful and I love seeing these tools of the trade pieces from everyone!

  13. The "eyes" have it! There is so much info in your post, I may miss reacting to some in my note. And to tell the truth, I will miss Suzanne_older _version a bit. I could relate to the artistic angst! However, you really do sound pumped! And I will definitely look up that site for inspiration.
    Your eyes are truly wonderful, my Gunkie!

  14. I stopped by yesterday to see your new painting as soon as it popped up but for some reason forgot to leave a comment. D-oh!!

    I just LOVE this Suz. I know you probably think I'm very gushy, but really every single time I come to your blog I am knocked out by your gorgeous and emotion filled work. You got some mad skillz woman.

    And I checked out the link to that blog, WOW what a powerful piece. That painting is beautifully done, but hard to look at for a long time. She's sure a powerfully talented lady, I can see why she inspires you.

  15. Stunning as always. A new version? I sorta quite liked the old one. ;-)

  16. Magnificent work, those eyes, full of expression and light and eagerness. Just beautiful, Suzanne!


  17. I love your humor, your style and your beautiful work! I never had a problem with Suz 1.0, but I look forward to following along with Suz 1.01.


  18. What a wonderful idea and painting Suzanne, and yes I was tempted to add _version 1.01...ha! As per, you've skillfully constructed and executed.

  19. really amazing work and i'm inspire your work keep it up!!


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