Thursday, February 2, 2012


8x8"  oil on cradled hardboard $85.00 plus shipping

Meet Edna! She's pretty aloof. No one knows much about her except she's always in a hurry. She's just been invited to the big tree at the end of the drive for tea on Sunday. Folks are takin' bets as to whether or not she'll show.

We'll see.


  1. Edna is adorable! How did you come up with such a name for her? I always look forward to bug posts from you :)

  2. nice. Love Laura contemplating. You are so good at doing these paintings.

  3. Gosh- how can you make Edna look so alive - like she is ready to fly away? She is a beauty! Your just amazing!

  4. EDNA???? Miss Edna is sublime, Suz. She really looks like a bug on a mission. Beautifully done, Suz!!!

  5. Wonderful - the color, texture and movement.

  6. Hi there Dame Edna!

    Ode to a Lady in Red

    It's hard awfully hard for a Lady red,
    To live in a world so green!
    Where does a lady find a place,
    To be alone ... and not be seen?

    It's great to travel in circles wide,
    With its offers to come to tea...
    But.. I'd rather find a quiet place
    Where "I"... can just be "Me"!

    Love your Lady Suz!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. She'll show. Those little ladies are everywhere. Beautiful carapace!

  8. I LOVE Edna! She is ADORABLE! I love her shiney back and the way you have positioned her on the canvas. And your story made me chuckle ;0)

  9. Didn't she make her debut in Under the Tuscan Sun???

    Love your little stories. Do they come to you as you paint them?

  10. LOL. Edna has quite the life! And this is BEAUTIFULLY painted! I love that shine on her hard shell (for lack of a better word). And I love her feet too. :)))

  11. Love Edna, and LOVE your story to go with her!
    It often happens to me while painting that the character on the canvas comes alive. Sometimes rather grumbling than happy though...
    I'm sure Edna will be the star of the party!

  12. Edna will show - she's dressed and ready! Love the way her back catches the light and those cute itsy bitsy crawly feet!

  13. Love your post, Suzanne!...and Edna is beautiful her glow!!!

  14. Well she could use those wings of hers!
    Another winner Suzanne, looks like it's found a new home already.

  15. The original bug lady does it again! Fantastic Suz!
    always love the names you give them. Brings them to life!
    M :)

  16. I love her shiny coat and the way she's walking away from the viewer. Fabulous!!!

  17. This makes me smile, Suzanne. I love the colors and simplicity of the composition and your title is perfect. She's a friend already.


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