Tuesday, December 18, 2012


16x20" oil on canvas

Meet Casey. He is, unfortunately, no longer with us but I'm sure he's kickin' it with his buds somewhere over the rainbow bridge. I'd like to thank his Mom for her patience and an incredible reference photo to work from. This portrait was pure fun to work on.

It's that time again. Cannot believe how quickly time flies and clearly, still not wrapping my head around himself not being here with us. Tim and I took the "surly, aloof artist, we're far too cool for this" route and never really created any sort of traditional holiday rituals once we broke from our respective family festivities about 8 years ago. So, gratefully, I'm not missing trimming the tree and putting up lights with him. I always sort of regretted not going there, until now that is. We just knew, being us, all the stuff would still be there when the next Christmas rolled around. We celebrated the holidays in our own unique way. Great old movies, good wine and a feast prepared by the chef himself. That I will definitely miss.

I'm doing really well actually. Keeping my frequency open to the one Tim is on. When I follow my path, get out of my head and avoid the pity pot I open up the channels and clear the way for feeling him near. Missing him and feeling sorry for myself are two completely different things so I'm focused on choosing my thoughts carefully.

The events of last week in Newtown, Connecticut put things clearly into perspective. I have no words. There is really nothing any of us can say. I saw two different statements from two different parents of lost children and I felt both humbled and oddly hopeful. They spoke only of love, forgiveness and honoring their babies by not becoming bitter and full of hate.

Those are, as it turns out, the perfect words.

I wish everyone a peace-filled and safe holiday season and I hope we all find a way to, finally, live together.


  1. Besutiful painting and beautiful words Suze. What happened in Connecticut has seemed to wake so many of us up. Such a horrible tragedy, and those parents you spoke of are such an inspiration. So glad you are well. :) Happy holidays my friend!!

  2. Suzanne, I have followed your work from the time I stumbled upon one of your challenge groups (sorry, can't remember the name, but it seems long ago). I wanted to refer someone who collects bugs to your site and came across your low ebb when you lost Tim. I was stunned and just have to say I am in awe of your spirit and the way you express it. Love your art. Keep up the good fight. God bless!

  3. My sweet Suz
    The portrait of Casey is beyond spectacular. I had to call friends and tell them to log onto the blog - so they could see this painting! You captured the very heart beat that is now beating at the Rainbow Bridge. The spirit of Casey is so real- its like he is here with us. How beautiful Suz.
    Thank you for taking time to talk to all of us. The words that you use to describe how you feel reaches into the deepest part of us, and we can relate. Your hands are stretched out to us- as you wipe away your very own tears.
    How you dealing with your brokenness of your heart about sweet Tim-- You may not feel like it, but you are courageous to reach for the butterfly that is flickering in front of you. You are courageous to share with us- hope.
    This is love-- what you share with us is true love.
    We also hope we can all learn to live together,,,with love around us.

    We are with you in these holidays- and we hold you close!

  4. About Connecticut....I am haunted by the pain of those babies and their parents......

    the painting of Casey is beautiful and your words convey a sense of peace in your life.
    I wish you many more moments of creativity and peace.
    Hug the Pugs for me ;)

  5. PS
    Tweedles writes better than almost everyone and I agree with everything the little savant says.

  6. Beautiful Suzanne. The people getting this will be so very pleased i am sure. Love the energy in his run that you captured so well. Your story Suzanne as always, was very moving. Yours and Tim's idea of Christmas sounds perfect. So much better than the busyness of some. In light of the tragedy in Connecticut i pray all will reflect on what is truly important and be kind to one another. The forgiveness of the parents is without doubt unexpected and awe inspiring. May your Christmas be peaceful and filled with wonder. Many blessings.

  7. This is an amazing painting, Suz! I can feel the energy and happiness that Casey projects with your brush strokes. His mom is going to love this painting.

    I can't say anything that hasn't already been expressed about Sandy Hook school tragedy. It's just so very sad. The reaction of the parents and towns people is inspiring and reminds us all what is important in life.

    Have a blessed Christmas. Hugs ........

  8. I so admire your strength through all of this Suzanne. You are quite remarkable and Tim would be proud - I am sure of that!
    And what an AMAZING painting! It really is truly fantastic - One of your best - and that is saying something because I am a huge fan of ALL your work! So glad you are still painting. Keep it up! And I hope you have a lovely Christmas and raise a glass to Tim :0)

  9. Casey is beautiful, Suz. Your words heartfelt and oh so touching.

  10. Another great painting Suz. I wish you a wonderful holiday and new positive beginning in the new year. I so admire your strength. Her for you if you need to chat.

  11. A fabulous doggie! The wind in the fur and the looking so pleased with himself expression is perfect. Another winner!

    We each keep Christmas and any other holiday in our own way and whatever is comfortable and soothing is good. Treat yourself this season with all that helps you along your path, whether physical or spiritual.

    The events in Connecticut broke hearts around the world and the compassion and forgiveness of some of the parents is remarkable and can teach us all to be more tolerant of those around us. Each hurtful action usually has its own hurt behind it, urging it on.

    Enjoy the holiday, and show Tim that you're an amazing cook too. ;)

  12. Casey is beautifully rendered and so full of life. Who hasn't seen a long haired dog bouncing towards us in complete happiness? Such an affirmation of love and pleasure for simply being in their presence. People rarely greet each other with such enthusiasm, though on rare occasions it does happen!

    You're outlook on life and handling the holidays is remarkable and admirable. I don't suspect I'll handle it so well when the time comes for me. You warm my heart...

  13. You are so right to keep the channels open - keeping the channels open for words of wisdom and keeping our hearts open for the love that is in the world (in spite of the horrid news every day in everyone's neighborhood or state). My heart breaks for those who have lost their little ones; but I'll try to keep my heart open (after all, that's why it breaks, to open up those channels) to continue to care, love, share compassion and the truth for all of us puny humans who struggle so with anger, hate, shame, fear, etc. Keep the Light Shining, Suz!!

  14. Casey the wonderful dog. What a great pose, one of complete fun and action. What a happy portrait of a beloved friend. Nice job Suzanne. Have a wonderful holiday and the very best to you and family for the New Year.

  15. That is one happy, handsome retriever! You have created such w wonderful and beautiful portrait of Casey. The long, flowing coat is perfect.
    As for you, my Gunkie, I wish you much Peace and Love and boundless Creativity.
    BIG HUGS to you, my friend.

  16. Another simply beautiful dog portrait! It must have been fun painting this from an action shot and playing up the flare of Casey's shiney coat of hair. I will be raising a glass of red wine to you on Christmas Day.

  17. This is a fabulous painting Suz and a very beautiful heart-warming post. Throughout this year you've been an amazing inspiration and I have nothing but respect for the way you've coped. Tim will be feeling very, very proud of you.

  18. What a joyful painting! I'm 'hearing' the joy returning to your posts, too. Merry Christmas, Suzanne. :)

  19. Hi Suzanne, I was so drawn to this incredible doggy portrait full of movement and joy. You did an amazing job on Casey, and it sounds like you are getting your life back as well. I know all your many friends are so happy to see you painting and living. Merry
    Christmas Suzanne, I wish you all the best. Big HUG!

  20. This painting is absolutely spectacular!! You can feel the movement of this dog running..I knew your client would love this piece!! Casey is definitely a winner!!! Congratulations!!

    Merry Christmas, friend.!!..Please know we'll always be here for you.

    1. Suz,

      You are truly an amazing Artist. You deserve to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! I look forward to hooking up with you for a nice Dinner.

      You better let me know if you need anything!


  21. Ma chère Suzanne, j'ai manqué plusieurs de vos publications et c'est avec un immense plaisir que j'ai pu aujourd'hui les parcourir attentivement. J'ai admiré en plus des merveilleuses peintures les mots qui ponctuent chacune d'elles.
    Vous êtes très talentueuse, délicate et si humaine. Vous aimez la vie et c'est ce qui vous rend forte. Votre sensibilité transpire à chaque coup de pinceau...

    A l'aube de la nuit de noël et de la nouvelle année je vous souhaite plein de douceur...
    Gros bisous

  22. You painted Casey with all the feeling of painting from life. I think it shows you are aware that death may be a transition... Not an end.
    Amazing painting by an amazing woman/artist

  23. Casey's portrait is just so full of life - that will comfort the owner, no doubt.
    We, too, gave up the pomp and circumstance of the season, once the kids moved out and WE moved on. It's so easy to get through this part of the year that way. There is enough going on with taxes, fees and other nonsense. Quiet and soft, that's the way through it. Wishing you continued peace in your heart and a richness in your artist's soul to pummel you through this next year with bright expectations and much success in whatever you tackle.

  24. wonderful movement and action suzanne ...wishing you a peaceful christmas and creative new year .

  25. I'm so happy to see you've been busy painting since I last checked your blog. I love the dog paintings! I hope 2013 is a wonderful, creative year for you.

  26. Dear Suzanne! Ever since I read the sad news about Tim I've been thinking about you and hoping you are doing well! I admirer your marvellous courage and wonderful thoughts you are sharing! In addition I admirer your artistic work which I see is constantly improving. Wow!

    To all americans: Im so sorry about what happened in Newtown, it is so sad, and my thoughts are with you all. Lots of love from Norway to you all!

    I wish you the best!

  27. wow! me encanta, el movimiento del perro corriendo esta genial.

    Feliz 2013!

    Un abrazo.

  28. I love the spirit and exuberance of this painting, Suzanne! It's so fun and is good medicine for sad news.

    Wishing you many blessings and happy painting in 2013!


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