Saturday, June 15, 2013


"Old Red"  20x20" oil on linen
©Suzanne Berry

This months challenge subject is "vintage." I had sepia tones in mind, lace, Victorian accoutrement and the like but the only thing vintage in our house is moi! So it was off to the Stock store again to purchase some reference. I didn't see anything that resonated except old red here. Remember dialing, the sound it made? Talk about dating ones' self.

Anyway, I'm feeling better and so appreciate the kind comments left on my previous post. I'll be getting to my thank yous this weekend and so appreciate your patience.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and these works of "vintage" art:

"Old Hotness"
8x6" oil on canvas board
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

"Brown Betty"
Julie Ford Oliver Guest Artist this Month

20x16" Pastel


  1. I do remember and I sorta miss it! Diane and you were on the same vintage wavelength. I must admit I made that iron a "vintage" item in my life as quickly as possible. I simply cultivated wrinkles!
    I love the crisp boldness of your phone. It's iconic!

  2. Wonderful art - your red phone pulled me right over to see more :) Love the shine and the color you've achieved - I feel like I want to reach out and touch it. Definitely the HOT LINE :) Have a wonderful weekend, Suz.

  3. Love! There needs to be one of your signature red ladybugs crawling by! Great job on the curly cord!

  4. love it too ! classic ... we had one at home .

  5. So much fun and such a lovely painting. I like the 'red' and the size of the painting surely makes a nice statement. Each of the Challenge paintings worked so well.

  6. Everyone did such a wonderful job on this challenge, Suzanne!!!
    I love your phone!!! Wonderful rich color and shine. I have one right now in my living room (it's black and not connected..LOL) But I love "vintage"....I love the past and can't seem to get out of it..part of me doesn't since its full of wonderful memories.

  7. Love that red phone: wonderful subject choice and marvelous job on the detail! And yes, the dial action sound memory positively takes one back to a kinder, gentler era. I predict this little jewel will be snatched up soon by someone wanting to be off the hook.

  8. Goodness, Suz! This is delightful! I love dial phones and remember them well. In fact, if I could find one in working condition, I'd have one in my house. Something so tactile about dialing...

  9. Suzanne the phone is wonderful. Love that red. Beautiful.

  10. You always do a great job, no matter what the subject is. I guess you had fun painting all those coils!Happy to see your work again.

  11. It's so perfect. I remember well dialing these old phones, we had a black one in my house and now I wish I still owned it. Would love to paint it. I think ours was much older, lol Sorry to hear things have been rough lately but glad to hear you are moving foward. Big hugs

  12. FABULOUS - really a fabulous painting. It is all marvelous but the dial and numbers made me catch my breath. Such skill.

  13. It took me a few moments to get that it was a painting and not a photo! It's amazing!!! Its so nice to see you painting regularly again... I SO look forward to your posts :0)
    Yes - I also remember dialing - I too am vintage ;0) The silly thing was that the emergency number is 999, so it was the longest number to dial! We had a phone just like this, only it was beige. Memories....

  14. Hi there Suz!... A grandly cloured rendering and "connection" to the past!

    I wonder if President Obama's phone of choice is still an "Old Red"??? Always seemed a bit ironic to me that the colour was the same the "perceived "Red" threat. Maybe ... he'll just text a response... Isn't that a scary thought! HA HA!!

    I don't even have a cell phone! HA HA!! When en plein air... nobody's there... 'cept moi!! HA HA! Catch ya later Dude!

    Good Painting... and Much Peace Friend!
    Warmest regards n' Hugs!... to "You"... and yer Mugs/ Pugs!

  15. Perfection, Suz!!! That extendable cord must have been a stinker to paint.
    Big HUGS to you! Glad you are feeling better. :)

  16. HI Suz! This red phone on a white ground brings back memories of your ladybug series. It seems you're finding yourself for sure! Amazing detail. Glad to hear you're feeling better too...
    Hugs my dear.

  17. Suz, I'm as vintage as that phone, but not as fabulous. What a stunning painting! It says so much on a whole bunch of levels.

    I remember a wall phone my grandparents had where you had to talk into a mouthpiece and hold the receiver to your ear, wish I had that one now to paint! As a child unfortunately, it wasn't high on my list of priorities. Darn. But a small series of older phones would be quite interesting to paint I would imagine.

  18. Hi Suzanne . . . thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad to see you are enjoying painting more and more. You really are an amazing artist -- I can't believe you ever doubt yourself or abilities.

    I just got caught up on your blog/progress . . . grief and loss just sucks . . . and I'm so sorry that you've had to experience this. You are rising to life's challenges and doing what has to be done . . . you should be very proud -- it's not easy. Your posts are very moving. My dad lost my mom 11 years ago and I know he feels the same regarding finding his one and only -- my heart goes out to you. But like you, he's made the choice to continue to live life, able to get lost in happiness and genuinely feel joy again. Keep up the good work (I know that at times it truly is work.)

    I loved your post regarding your medium visit and glad it brought you comfort. I too believe that our loved ones are with us . . . at times I swear I've heard my mom's voice. Take care . . . your painting and strength is inspiring!! :) -- Kara

  19. Love this eye catcher! What fun, and what a piece of "Pop Art" this would be for someone's big wall in a contemporary house. Sort of an Andy Warhol.... keep these up and you will start a new following.

  20. Hi Suz!
    Yes we are right here-- always waiting and watching for you to paint something magical,,,, and YOU DID IT!
    That phone is unbelievably sooo cool!
    Keep feeling better,,,, rest your wings sometimes...
    tweedles and moms

  21. I am always in awe of your technique, and this is no exception! But, the way you've set up the 'look at me' composition is just so fun and really speaks (haha) to the viewer. Terrific :)

  22. Wowee! There is just something so vibrantly compelling about your work. The white background makes the whole painting just sing and my eyes are riveted to Old Red! Wonderful!

  23. Well this is a beauty! Aren't you a master at structure : ) Beautiful construction underneath that paint. Clean, fresh and all-together wonderful. I love the old dial phones. Kinda miss them. hugs.

  24. This is gorgeous Suz! I LOVE how you get such smooth, rich colors with oils. It is as shiny and pretty as one of your bugs. :D And I agree with Kim, the structure underneath the paint is fantastic, one of your great strengths as an artist. And I'm so glad you're feeling better my friend. :)

  25. Suzanne, I'm in love with this piece!!! It's gorgeous! And red is my favorite color:)

    So glad you're feeling better. Sending you positive thoughts and happiness!!!

  26. Well now I feel vintage Suzanne having owned and used all of the above...ha! Your painting is awesome as are all the entries. I love your clean simple colour and composition.

  27. Love your phone, perfection! Do you leave the background the white of the canvas or do you paint a layer of white paint onto it? The background makes it really pop.


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