Sunday, September 15, 2013


"The Lady's Dark Journey"
5x7" oil on linen

Not my best effort but it's done. This was hard. Diana chose this month's all black composition to follow last month's all white, and I must say, I was stuck. Obviously, I fell back on a familiar reference, the bunched up cloth solution, but felt I had to add something so I took some advice I've gotten over the years from you guys, and added a bug! It's red but I just couldn't think of anything black to put there except maybe a string of black pearls, however I'm not in possession of any so, lady bug time.

And, it was a tad difficult painting on a smaller canvas because I've been painting so large lately. Sure did go quickly though.

I'm sorry to report that the new brushes I gushed about didn't last long. The ends are going in all different directions after only 3 washes, but I will say that I like the way they feel and will continue to use them. Like anything in this world, if you produce a permanent solution to the problem, there will be no reason to buy new, and we can't have that now can we?

It's coming around Tim's birthday, October 1st, and I'm hitting some rough patches. It's okay though, it's called grieving and it will go on for quite some time, so I will be kinder and more patient with myself. We had promised each other, that if one of us should leave early for some reason, the other would follow closely behind. And since I'm still walking around and actually living a life that I enjoy more often than not, I think I'm doing okay and that Tim is proud of me for that. Although, I must say, I'm looking forward to seeing him as soon as I possibly can, but in the mean time I have so very much to be grateful for, including each and every one of you who visit my blog, leave comments and send messages of support and hope from time to time. And again, I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!


 "Shades of Black"
 original oil  6x6"© 2013 Diana Moses Botkin

"Black...A Study"
12x16" oil on linen
© V.N. Ross


  1. My friend, I'm convinced without a doubt...there is no challenge you aren't up art and life. YAY! Now I can subscribe and view your art whenever it magically appears in my INbox!

  2. That's a beautiful post, Suzanne. Your loving tributes are very well spoken and truly honor his life and your relationship. I like the painting very much! Especially the contrast of the red. The composition is wonderful and flowing, and the whole piece evokes a strong mood. Nicely done!

  3. I love the whimsy of this "black" subject, Suzanne, and the title makes me smile. Your red ladybug is the PERFECT addition to the shiny black fabric.

    Your statement about Tim that, "We had promised each other, that if one of us should leave early for some reason, the other would follow closely behind" makes me hope you don't follow too soon. SO many of us would miss you terribly.

  4. Ahhhhh the blacks, so difficult to do well. You do fabric so beautifully. I'm envious. That little spot of red is perfect, just what is needed to make the eye travel around the folds.

    No, you can't follow on quite yet. You have work to do here first. Your words and life experience are inspiration for others who may find themselves in similar situations. Your painting enriches so many lives and thoughts. Tim understands this well and knows that you'll be a bit late following him.

  5. This does look very very hard to paint- because it looks real! It looks like you could pick it up and wrap it around yourself- or it even looks like a shirt- a shirt with a lady bug on it.
    Hummmm,, my mind is thinking. Its marverlous.
    And you are so right- Tim would be proud of you for sticking around,- cause you have give love and support to those of us who needed a little extra-- like me! Yes- you have been my gift. You carried me through many days- with your love.
    I love you my Suz

  6. Ooh, I do like this piece, Suz! I think Tim would really want you to keep living at this stage of the game. You are still in each other's lives and there is a richness I sense but cannot quite put into words.

  7. I love that you added a ladybird! It adds that little something! Birthdays and seasonal events looming must be so hard for you. You are right, he would be so proud of you! And just because he isn't there in a physical sense, it's still very clear how much you love him :0)

  8. This is so beautifully painted, Suzanne! Your work with fabric is absolutely outstanding. And this little red bug completes this piece.. When you lose a loved one, the Holidays are always difficult but even that will be better "with time"!!!! I just got back from vacationing in Arizona and I'm still trying to figure out how to post my paintings in my windows 8 computer! Too old for change!! week my Nephew will be helping me out!!

  9. I think the ladybug was the perfect addition to the painting even if she isn't black :) And I'm sending you a great big virtual hug today - birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are hard so do be gentle and easy with yourself. (((HUG)))

  10. I must say, we all expect a bug or two from you now and again. You do them so well. Bummer about the brushes. I was tempted to get one or two. And we'll all be thinking thoughts for you as his birthday approaches. More hugs to you.

  11. Though the way looks torturous, I have no doubt that the spunky little lady will overcome every dark fold to triumph. You're the artist/creator therefore it must be so.
    I also love the luminous peony of the last post. What a contrast in size. I should try the really, really big and then perhaps my really, really littles will seem a breeze!
    I think Tim is definitely very proud of you.

  12. A perfect example of edges that are both soft and sharp leading to the perfect spot of red. Love it.

  13. Hi Gunk!
    I love your ladybug - a spot of brightness on all the darks.
    I am SO HAPPY you are still on "this side". And I believe Tim is proud of you for being strong.
    Kath XX

  14. You are a master of cloth! This looks so real it could almost slither right off the screen onto my desk. Glad to see the happy ladybug again!

  15. Guess it would work out better if I actually read your words before commenting on the painting :) I don't like what you said about 'follow soon after'. Icky. We just always say to send a sign...stay in touch. You'd better be planning on sticking around a long time, since we've just become sharing friends!

  16. It's fun to see your 'black' certainly shows that black is certainly not just black. The ladybug was my symbol for awhile...they are very lucky! such a nice to see the others too!


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