Tuesday, December 17, 2013


48x36" oil on heavyweight canvas


Well, what can I say. If ya can't eat 'em, paint 'em. Curious though that as soon as I swore off the demon white granules I felt a desperate need to paint pastry! Hmmmm. Nothin' gets by me, there's a connection there! (gee, ya think suz?). There are plastic containers of the prettiest cupcakes in the fridge and there were 2 dozen assorted doughnuts that sat around for a while. How surprised was I when the late night munchies descended and I chose an apple from the inner glow of the open fridge! Growth spurt!

This was so much fun to paint! Each day I couldn't wait to get to the studio. Even with appointments, prior commitments and emergency phone calls from friends in need, I found time to get in there and work on this. Could it be the subject matter? Na...I think I was just really havin' a good time.

I've included some progress shots because when I began I was determined to have a finished painting that looked more painterly and I think I was doing okay in the beginning but eventually I got tighter and tighter. Still, I'm happy with the results. Might as well embrace my style.

I bought these from Dunkin Donuts and was a little disappointed in the amount of jelly inside. I imagined all sorts of oozing globs of the stuff emerging from these golden disks of love, (easy suz, you're worshiping the food again...not cool) however when I began to set them up I found I had to squeeze some of them beyond all recognition to get even a little blob out! Bummer!

They look precarious because they are. I put a hand lotion bottle behind the stack of sugar-laden love to hold them up and snapped away. I still have lots of work to do but I need to get on to other things and I wanted to post my progression so far.

The sugar was interesting to paint. At one point I actually dotted the canvas with the brush and then took an old brush with a nasty do and shmushed away. What I found interesting was that the warm and cool sections of the sugar globs really illustrated depth. In the light I used yellow ochre, a bit of raw umber and white. In the shadow it was a combination of raw umber, white and a new tube I just bought of blue white. Whenever I drifted into warm territory with the cool version of the sugar, the painting didn't read so it was a good lesson in temperature values.

I'm going to finish this and the Sparrow's Ass (Berry-speak for asparagus) before the end of January. There are more than a few paintings just languishing, including that portrait that I just can't seem to nail, but I will. I think.

Also, I had a visitor today! I glanced out the window early this morning to see a red suited figure headed toward my door! What a surprise! Not one to name drop, I will say that Santa and I are tight. He was in the area checking on some routes since the neighborhood has expanded since last Christmas and he stopped in for a cup of Joe and to use the facilities. We had a nice chat. The boys weren't with him though, curiously enough he was in one of those little numbers, you know the ones...they look like toys. Fitting transportation I thought.

Anyway, I'll be posting before Christmas so I'll save my good wishes for then. Take good care and thank you so much for stopping my.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Tim suggested I remain upbeat and joyous and I think he's right. I am celebrating his Spirit this season and enjoying every minute.


  1. Holy smokies!!!! This is not even possible for a painting to look so eatable!
    How do you do this? Now guess what? We want to take a bite!
    We can smell them!

  2. I love donuts and this painting makes me want to run out and buy donuts. This is a fabulous treat of a painting. Love reading about the sugar and paint mixes too.

  3. Amazing! I don't even like jelly donuts but you've made me love them here!!! Beautiful work!

  4. Suz, this is just incredible! I'm getting hungry just looking at it! What's not done for crying out loud. Finito I say! And gorgeous -- and large too!

  5. What a terrific painting. The light is beautiful, and the donuts have so much texture. It's kind of disturbing in a delightful way that the painting is so large and looks about to topple.

  6. Are those a couple of antique pieces I see in your living room? I love them! So fortuitous that Santa stopped by. You must have been a really good girl!! The donuts look so yummy and I don't even eat those kind! LOL

  7. So delicious looking that I want to take a bite!

  8. Oh my goodness! This is unbelievably good! Like an actual photo!
    Your posts never fail to blow me away... I can't stop looking at it! And Tim is absolutely right. I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Raise a glass to Tim from me :0)
    I have just posted my latest bear which I would love you to read - he has a VERY special story :0)

  9. My dearest Gunkie,
    I love reading your posts, It is like sitting down with a good friend, and letting it all hang out. I was wondering what happened to the models. :)
    The painting is superb!!! I really believe you have found that happy spot between "realism" and "painterly".
    I am happy to read Tim is there, giving you good advice.
    I wish you a joyous and wonderful Christmas, Suzanne, and all the very best in the New Year!!!

  10. Just terrific! Maybe I'll start painting all my temptations if it works out to be anywhere this successful! Thanks for posting the progress and your notes too- love it.

  11. OMG, you are way too disciplined! I would have so much trouble, the stack would keep dwindling, one by one, my painting would be donuts with bites and leftover blobs of jelly. This is way too enticingly good!

  12. Wow! You have outdone yourself my dear! That looks incredibly delicious, puffy, donutty, sugary, jammy....yum! I can't believe you have more to do? It is a wonderful work of art. Bravo! And you KNOW I am looking forward to seeing that asparagus piece! : )

  13. Oooh what a stack of badness/goodness :)! They look exceptional and I love that they're so much bigger than life. It makes them even more tempting. All that texture really pulls in the eye. Darn it! Now I want a donut!

    And Santa too! You must have been a very good girl to get a special visit. I know Tim had a hand in this. :)

  14. Your paintings are beautifully done and I'm inspired by your upbeat vibe and delighted to read your message from Tim. I can see that you've arrived here by perseverance.
    I'm new to this sadness, made more painful by the Christmas holiday and
    season. Thanks for lighting the way Suzanne and for your perseverance and for sharing your experience.

  15. ahhhhh what can be better than a stack of jelly donuts....I could taste them while looking at this. Your sugar is masterful. Tim is right...the season calls for happiness and I am so glad you agree. Your painting serves as a great metaphor for how precarious life is.....but also how delicious!

  16. Dear Friend Suz!... While this magically painted "ode" to sugar donuts... stack o' stroke makers arouses wonder with its complex and beautifully rendered detail in "Me"... it is the restored wonder and mirth of "the child" Suz... once again able to come out to play... that touches my heart greatly!

    Thank you for your Friendship... your model of courage and painting mentorship that you offer the world! Your "Art Matters!"

    Keep shining!... and Merry Christmas Suz!

    More... Good tasty painting... and "Rich" blessings!
    Much Peace and love!

  17. tempting !!!! just brilliant suzanne ...wishing you a very happy christmas a heathly and peaceful new year .

  18. You have an in with Santa! I wish I'd known, I would have brought my list over! I love the Sugar High painting!!!! It's amazing! And how clever of you... to buy all those goodies for the sake of your painting... they look yummy!

  19. SANTA! I know him! (Hope you are a fan of "Elf".)

    I love this painting, Suzanne. Wowsers. Funny about the jelly!

  20. These doughnuts are superb Suzanne!!! Love your style! Don't change it.I was always trying to loosen up but now I embrace my style too!

  21. Wow, this is a spectacular painting.You are brave, "...swore off the demon white granules..." and then you face it head on! That is the ultimate challenge.

    I like how you placed the stack right up front, really in your face. It definitely says temptation. The heavenly cool light from above, the crimson jelly, the shadow leading into the background... all act as a lure. But then we are reminded of risk of giving in to this temptation by the instability of the stack.
    It is more than a mere painting of donuts.

    Keep painting...

  22. Soooooory to just be getting to visiting! I did work 3 jobs in Nov. and Dec., so I"m going to give myself a break, but I thought I could paint donuts - you, girlfriend, are the Queen! Love, love, love these. Yes. We could have entire conversations about the cool and the warm side of sugar dusting!!! And the jelly - oh, the delectable, satisfying jelly! Good going, girl! I am in awe. And the size? Perfecto.


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