Wednesday, June 23, 2021


















COMIN IN HOT  36x24" oil on linen SOLD




Was gonna name this PARENTING 2020, however the subject matter christened it COMIN IN HOT when he saw it...and he was only three at the time. A really cool kid. 

 Anyway, I think I'm back.

 So...what's new? Not a lot goin on since I last showed up here right? Enough said. And that said, I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Strange times.

Anyway, I have been working on and off, mostly off, but recently something happened that well, changed everything. I've made some very good friends thru art on the web and one in particular has become my very very close friend. Being an artist herself, the support and praise, not to mention the wisdom and kindness she exudes, kept us in contact on a somewhat daily basis.

 A few months ago, having seen some free lance work she did, I decided to ask if she might be interested in learning what I know, that being only what experience has wrought and taught. She said yes and we have just started our second painting together. 

Suddenly I can't wait to get to the studio! And when I do I stay! Haven't felt this excited about art and creating since Tim was here. My self isolation, never a good idea, again proven to be not cool. What a difference. We do lessons on video thru an app and I'm learning as much if not more each time!

We'll see. I mean I've claimed many times to be back and then disappeared, but so far, and the honeymoon phase is just about over, we are both focused and dedicated.

Who knew?


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