Monday, February 1, 2010



Dressed in period costume, awaiting his "on set" call, Raz the Daz Man, prepares for his big screen debut in the highly anticipated remake of Elizabeth, Queen of England

How unhappy does this poor baby look? Poor baby. This thing will be on for at least the next 2-3 weeks. He's just glad to be home and we're overjoyed he's back. Now, how to keep him quiet for the next three months! 

We decided to have a hip replacement when the doctor informed us that the procedure we wanted done would leave him with a limp and some discomfort on rainy days. He came through everything really well and managed to steal everyone's heart at the hospital.

Welcome home sweet boy!


  1. I saw poor Daz Man's photo and all I could think of was, "Can you hear me now?"... Sorry Raz... Glad you're home with the folks...

  2. OMG, he does look so sad. But no worries, my big hound lab mix had leg surgery last spring, vet said I had to go thru the whole summer with limited mobility, I thought I would go nuts and we all did fine! ( I'm sure Daz is in for serious spoiling!)

  3. Awwwww, such a sad look. Poor little guy. But I'm sure he will milk it for everything it's worth! ... This photo would be a great painting. I have one of my lab x with the "cone of silence" on and I'm planning to paint it soon.

  4. What a cutey and how very traumatic for all involved. I wish your little guy a speedy recovery!!

  5. Welcome home, Raz! So glad to see him home, even though he has to wear that awful thing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. poor thing.
    Hey that last post painting was really nice

  7. Oh, poor guy. Three months of no activity will be a super-human ( and super pug) effort. Does he have to have therapy of some sort as he heals?
    puppy hugs to Raz.

  8. Oh...poor Raz. So sorry little puglet! I don't think I've ever seen a more pitiful face. Glad the news is good and he's back home with Mom&Dad. He's still young and resilient so this will all just be a hideously embarrassing episode that will explain why he will grow to be known as the "special one". ;) glad he's well.

  9. Suzanne!

    Too damn cute!

    I love the expression on Raz' face in this shot! LOL



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