Saturday, February 6, 2010


That "cone of silence" had to go. We found this collar online and when we put it on he time traveled from the Elizabethan era to a Titanic survivor. I mean really, can you stand it? He's in the middle of giving his little bro what for here.

He's doing really well, thank you for your kind wishes. He doesn't mind all the crate time too much since we replaced that cone with this inner tube. Now he can hear, party with his bro and keep his cone lid free of basically everything!


  1. That does look so much more comfortable (like a travel pillow for the plane) than those awful cones. Besides the color looks good on him. What a good doggie mama you are!

  2. Ahoy there, Matie... release me from this brig!

    I'm glad the Daz Man is doing better. A good family is great medicine.


  3. Ah! Much better! I fleetingly thought to mention this kind of "cone" the other day and obviously forgot. Glad you discovered it on your own. Much more comfortable and easier to move around in. Happy dog = happy mom.

  4. Your descriptive "prose" is always so entertaining, you have a wonderful way with words! Entertaining but also meaningful!

  5. Suzanne, oh the cone of shame! : ) (at first I typed "scone" ) this does look more cumfy than those hard cones. Have you seen the new fabric cones? I had one on Howard Pee Pugpants after his knee surgery and it was wonderful, collapsible, and still kept that little guy from biting at his stitches. : )

  6. Hi Suzanne! I've passed along the Sunshine Blogger award to you that I received from Lisa Riehl. I rarely take the time to do these things, but it has been quite a while since I told my fellow artists how much joy & inspiration they bring me. Congrats, you can visit my site to retrieve it!

  7. Poor baby! He does look much more comfortable in this.

  8. Sheila, thank you, I feel so guilty for allowing him to fall in the first place. He's doing really well though, thanks.

    Dean, thanks, he's a trooper.

    Don, thanks dude. What a nice thing to say!

    Leslie, thank so much. It's so much better than that plastic thing which ended up with food and it's byproduct on the lip.

    Mary Ann, thank you! What a wonderful comment. I appreciate it so much.

    Nancy, Howard Pee Pugpants! Just an amazing name! I'll look for the fabric ones for when they get their little pebbles removed.

    Pat, how nice of you!! Thank you so very much! I really appreciate the award.

    Gwen, thanks so much.

  9. Hi Suzanne,

    Oh my! What a little doll! That new blue cone looks so much more comfy than the plastic job he had before and it is so much more complimentary to his colouring! He is kind of stylin' in that thing!

    You've had a lot going on. Sorry I haven't stopped by for a bit... I'm glad I'm caught up now. Hope things are all uphill from here.


  10. LOL! Very dashing in his blue pfd. You are too funny!
    It does look more comfy for sure.

  11. Oh man! Thanks for the laughs! I can always use the serotonin.


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