Monday, July 26, 2010

JANUARY and an update


I need to keep myself honest regarding my new beginning so I'm posting my progress. And here it is. So far....none. But!... I have been trying and will continue to do so. I began a new painting, determined to limit my palate, but no go. Changing is a process. I will be patient with myself on this little journey. It should be fun and I'm determined to have fun if it kills me. Kidding. Really, I'm not taking myself or painting all that seriously right now and to me that's real progress.

As far as cleaning and getting my studio and storeroom in order, I've actually made a dent! I'm giving myself until August 1st to complete the organization of the clutter. I'm stoked about taking my "after" shots. I really have been watching too much HGTV haven't I?

I have nothing finished, so I'm posting this poster, my second art club project. The word we were given was January. I don't like January. We expect ourselves to become different people on January 1st and are ultimately disappointed...sometimes on January 2nd. It's cold. Christmas has come and gone, taking with it that warm womb-like feeling of crackling fires and  a house full of jolly people. Not to mention the fragile promises and intangible dreams of becoming thinner, richer and wiser by the following January 1st. I created a movie poster parody to convey my contempt for the month of January and some of the baggage it brings with it. For moi anyway. I'm sure a lot of folks love January and to those of you who do, my humbug apologies.

Again thank you for your supportive comments, it really helps to know that so many can relate to the chaos, both emotional and physical.  Back to work!


  1. CLASSIC!!!! Well worth reading the credits.

    Seriously, does ANYONE (in the Northern Hemisphere, above latitude 30) like January?? But I would say I get more painting done in January on average than in July. To everything its season, I guess.

  2. Suzanne!

    This is hilarious!

    I thought the movie poster was from a real film at first.

    Starring "Coldie Hawn". LOL


  3. Plow on Suzanne. You are getting there. I can tell by your honesty of writing. LOL

  4. Ha, I love this. It's actually an extremely aesthetic thing to look at--makes me want to see the movie (while cuddled up with warm fuzzy animals)! Makes me wonder what this movie would be like! You're a very talented graphic designer, my dear.
    I hate January. But come to think of it, December and February are pretty tough, too. And so is July, frankly. Ya know?
    (Hi, Poubles!)

  5. P.S. "Stiff Nips"--ahahahahahhaaaaahhhhh!!!

  6. Time well-spent. Soooo funny! Thank you for the laugh :-). I know I have seen that movie.

  7. What a fabulous post and piece of gorgeous art. I was seriously wanting to go see the danged movie...or at least read the book. It looks awesome!

  8. I thought that was a movie you actually went to see! LOL! Fantastic poster Suzanne :) And personally, I think you're doing a great job. Sometimes it's such a challenge to just kick yourself to do anything, and for that you deserve credit. Well done Suzanne! I always love reading your blog :)

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  10. Ha ha ha! This is sooooo funny Suzanne! LMAO - you are brilliant. And aesthetically beautiful as well!

  11. Brrrrrrrrrrr....... That shiver that just exploded through my body had nothing to do with January, but everything to do with how damn good you are! You ROCK!


  12. Hahahahaha. I think I caught them filming this in my neighborhood!

    Thanks, Suzanne.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for these lovely comments. Still in the throes of my new beginning. I think it might have been easier working my way down the birth canal. Arrrgh. I'll get back to thanking each person individually as soon as I'm finished being reborn. Until then, I so appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments. Thank you!


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