Thursday, July 15, 2010



This months' theme, chosen by Vicki Ross, is blue and yellow. I love it but I must admit, I was hard pressed to find the proper subject matter, so I waited until the last minute and finally I found something that I fancied. I'm not sure whether it's better to get done a week ahead of time, in which case I'm impatient to post or waiting until hours before the deadline, which, in some cases, makes me throw caution to the wind and just paint.

I had two deadlines yesterday and I felt overwhelmed and a bit lazy if I'm honest. But again, it was fear dressed up in dread yet again. I guess that nauseousness one experiences when one first sits down to work isn't ever going to go away. At least not for moi anyway.

I also realized that, like any exercise one does, there is a warming up period required. I want to bolt for the first twenty minutes or so but after a bit, the paint gliding on the canvas begins to feel good and if the right music is playing or my favorite marathon is on it usually turns into a fulfilling session. Or, let's face it, what I'm doing begins to look like something. I just gotta get out past the breakers. I know I've said this over and over but the process and eventual outcome is still a mystery to me. I sometimes feel like I'm just along for the ride.  And there are times when the road is clear and unobstructed and times when it's riddled with potholes and it's hard to see because of the tears...I mean rain...but at this point I know I need to start the journey...daily.


“Yellow Columbine” 
Oil on hardboard 6”x4” 
unframed $99
©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

“Yellow Lily on Spode Blue Italian Plate”
6x6 inches
 oil on panel ©2010 Jeanne Illenye

"Summer Bouquet"
6x6 oil on panel
© 2010 Robin Cheers

“Blue and Yellow”
9x12” oil on panel
©2010 Vicki Ross


  1. I love your choice, the water is great and works so well with the colors.
    All your emotions are very relatable also, it's astounding when I sometimes think I understand the process, until it is gone the next time. Someday, it will stay for each painting, you just wait.... your work is great!

  2. Nice piece, Suz. Very hypnotic...

    When you find that route to a finished piece that doesn't include any potholes or rain/tears will you please share it with the rest of us? ;-)


  3. I spend most of my time trying to climb out of those potholes you mentioned, Suzanne. This piece is a bit different for you, I think. But it just has a fluidity (duh) and soothing sense to it. You know, so many artists paint to music. I think I am much too intense. I never listen to music much these days. It always makes me cry (at least the stuff I like, which happens to be oldies...)

  4. my trainer says "stay away from the potholes". and then he gives me a nugget. yum...salmon...

  5. I LOVE what you've chosen for this challenge, it's beautiful Suzanne. I can't understand why all these artists I admire have the exact same feelings that I do about painting and the process. Strange don't you think? I have just realized (again, jeez why can't I remember this!) That I need to paint everyday too.

    Did I mention how much I love this Suzanne? Every single thing you paint is just plain beautiful and inspiring. Don't ever forget that :) Have a great weekend!

  6. The painting every day thing is SO good. I'd been out of town to do a friend's wedding flowers. Now, that IS an art but it's not painting. So when I sat down to my easel to work on my little piece (and another I'm doing for a deadline) I felt like I'd forgotten how to paint!

    It's like anything (playing the piano, practicing the barre, running); it does come back but one feels out of shape if it's been awhile!

    I LOVE your choice of subject, Suzanne. On our trip (and also the last time we drove that way) I watched the yellow light play on the blue water when we were driving by the Columbia River and thought it would be interesting to try to paint it. I say "try" because I'm not sure I would get it right.

    But you have!

  7. Hi Suzanne,

    This painting is so beautiful. You have such a great eye for all of those details that make your subjects sing. I'm looking at all of those details in the lightest ripples- so so lovely.

    And as far as your words go... I can relate too easily. Sigh.

  8. Gorgeous water... nice solution to the challenge! Nice twist to the title, too. This is a great group of artists. Kind of interesting that everyone else chose flowers this time... but all so different.

  9. Beautiful fluidity and very creative use of our theme's color choices! Jeanne

  10. Thank you so much everyone for your incredible words of support and kind and generous praise. Again, I will return to thanking each of you individually as I appreciate you taking the time to stop by, view my work and read my ramblings so much I can't put it into words. But for the immediate future I'll be stopping by your blogs to see what you've been doing as usual and thanking everyone as a group. Time isn't on my side here lately. Thank you again from the bottom of my angst-ridden little heart.

  11. Suzanne!

    Very clever way of showing blue and yellow!

    Everyone else's submissions were great too but yours was the most ingenious!



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