Friday, October 8, 2010


oil on canvas

I had to rush this and I'm not sure I'm happy but...brushes down, time's up, step away from the easel. I've been offered some space in a booth tomorrow and thought drumming up some commissions with a sample portrait might be a good idea. Of course waiting to start it a week before I needed it seems normal to me, I mean who would I be without my drama? And, thank you Maria and Diane, I appreciate your generosity so very, very much!

This is my niece-in-law in her daddy's baseball cap. She is an extraordinary child. Obviously adorable, smart, funny, a spinner of yarns, resident prophet and wise old sage all wrapped up in this freckled-face compact little body. I didn't include them because they weren't that discernible in the reference photo and I felt it wouldn't be a good idea to fake the freckles.

Tomorrow will be my first public outing with some of my work. I'm interested to see how it goes, the weather is slated to be perfect and the function takes place in the park. Should be a fun time.

Anyway, we'll see. Happy weekend and thank you for stopping by.


  1. This is really good - you seemed tohave really captured that child like innocence and spunk. I always enjoy seeing your work!

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Well, if I could whip a painting off in a rush like you say you did with this one I would be pretty impressed with myself! It is adorable and you have some serious "mad skilz" when it comes to your brushes! (is that what the kids say these days?)

    I can tell you right now how your first "public outing" will go... you will be the talk of the event! The people will all be saying "Have you seen Suzanne Berry's work yet? You have to go! It's amazing!"

    Have fun and enjoy a day in the park being adored by all!

    P.S. It was a surprise to see my painting under your "you might also like" section.

  3. I am partial to redheads, but I really do love this!! You are going to knock everyone's socks off tomorrow. I wish I lived closer to come see your work in person. Have a great weekend!!

  4. This is darling with a capital D...she is adorable!! Have fun at your first event!

  5. Luscious piece of work! Good luck on your first showing.

  6. She is beautiful with smart eyes/look. What she was thinking?
    Good luck at the show will cross my fingers for you.

  7. Precious!!! Absolutely no doubt you'll drum up lots of commission work from this darling portrait! Jeanne

  8. It's such a wonderful portrait, and she is so cute!

  9. Your work never ceases to amaze me! Fabulous!!

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    This little darling must have stopped folks in their tracks; like all your work, she is brilliant! I hope you had a perfect day at the park; you deserve it.

  11. Having a red-head of my own running around the house, I can say with authority that you captured Claire's hair and coloring perfectly. But, I'm not surprised. After all, you ARE Suzanne Berry... And, after this weekend, there will be more people who will understand that statement.


  12. What a precious little red-head! Beautiful job on the peaches-n-cream complexion and sweet expression.

    Have fun at your Big Day!!!

  13. really a great painting Suzanne. You really did her justice. Love your description of her.
    I'll bet you did get some good material from the Faire. When I clicked onto your blog the first thought was that the photo was a painting of your booth setting up. It has the possibilities there. Hint hint.
    God bless,

  14. Wow what a portrait, her skin is luminous and the expression just precious, beautiful and breathtaking.

  15. I cannot imagine why you would doubt this painting in any way. It is stunning, which is the norm for you. The answer must be that you have the power and standards to see something, or the lack of something, that we mere mortals are unaware of. All I see is a fantastic portrait full of character and fun.


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