Friday, October 15, 2010


6" x 6" (15.3cm x 15.3cm)
oil on canvas
$100 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
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Well, I failed. The challenge, given to us this month by our newest member Aaron Johnson, was very simple. Paint anything your little heart desires, however, you must use a 6x8" canvas and a one half-inch brush. My apologies to the group. Due to this past weekend, I had to nip along smartly yesterday and get a piece done asap and in my haste I misread the canvas size requirement. So sure I was right, I was happy to see the everyone else used a 6x8" canvas which meant I wasn't alone in not following the rules. Not! I'm the only one with a 6x6. And before I could begin yesterday, I sat at the easel with a ruler for 15 minutes measuring every brush I own before I realized, to my great surprise, I did not, in fact, possess a one half-inch implement of construction!

Anyway, I used a quarter of an inch and an eighth of an inch brush so if you combine the two I'm an eighth short. Hope I don't get bounced out for this. On the bright side, it was a challenge to get something done in a few hours and I was forced to be loose and spontaneous and I'm ok with the results. I think it would be a good idea to include a size restriction of canvas and brush as some form of a daily exercise. Great idea Aaron, thank you! I believe it would help me on so many levels. I'll put it on the "things to do that will help me improve but i'll ignore them until i'm in pain" list.


“Bright Bales”  
Oil on canvas board 6x8”
©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

“Facing the Morning Sun”
6x8” oil on panel
© 2010 Robin Cheers

Oil on canvas, 6x8”
©Aaron Johnson

“Still Life”
oil on canvas 6x8"
©2010 Vicki Ross


  1. Great challenge! I like your bling pouch. Nice color green.

    Everyone did a good job. It's always fun to see how each artist interprets the challenge.

  2. You are such a rabble-rousing rule breaker! Your Bling Pouch is really nice. I love those pink accents to balance the predominance of green. The composition is really cool, too, with the pouch strings leading us in. Great job.

    Now, go buy yourself a 1/2" brush and try something like this again on a small canvas. With your sense of color and composition I'd love to see the resulting piece.

    Happy Creating!


  3. Oh! Okay now I don't feel so bad. I was thinking you sure had an amaziningly facile hand and quite the flexible brush to get what you got with a half-inch brush. I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you... you can always follow the rules later. How many opportunities do you get to break them?

  4. No one paints folds like you do, Robin and that horse is slam bangin'! Economy of brushstrokes and paint application.

  5. Duh, I forgot where I was Suzanne ;) Your folds and Robin's it.

  6. Ha ha, I like how you got around the rules.
    I like your painting too, and the title, but the cords/strings remind me of big green spider legs, so I'm going to have to look away now.

  7. lol! Your posts always cheer me up! :)

    I LOVE your bling pouch :)

  8. even if it did bend the rules a tad (!), it came out lovely - the colors work so well together & the composition . . . well - ditto what everyone said above! plus it feels like something you're fond of; it comes thru in the painting... thank you!

    been thinking abt you & hoping all's well - shall try to catch up reading yr blog today!

  9. Whatever restrictions you followed or didn't, I like it! Nice painting, fun and successful!

  10. Thank you all so much! I'm sending individual thank yous cuz you might miss them here. thanks again so much.

  11. You are too mcuh Suzanne. Love it. My kind of idea for keeping within the rules. I think it works. Who can argue good common sense. LOL

  12. Oh my gosh
    One word AWSOME
    I love the hay bales and the horses..... so much!


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