Monday, November 15, 2010


The Weeper
5x7" oil on canvas
30 minute study

Thirty-minute study! You've just begun reading and I have already called your attention to the fact that the above painting is the result of this month's challenge, a 30-minute study! —three four times!

I can always tell when a challenge is one I need. I'm uncomfortable. Posting this painting in this state—for me— is like having that dream... where you wake up, in various states of undress, in places that, to you, would be the most mortifying, clutching and barely covering our naughty bits! I feel exposed. I feel unfinished.

I love spontaneous, brave paintings. By other artists. Alas, I don't think myself capable of doing them or I do and I don't think I deserve to, or whatever silly excuse I've come up with in the recent past to keep me from even trying to complete a painting in an allotted time...let alone in 30 minutes. Thank you Robin. Good one. Ouch!

It was all I could do to keep my grubby, paint splashed digits to myself when the buzzer sounded the cruel reality that 30 minutes had, indeed passed. In my slightly unattractive but somewhat usual slant toward grandiosity, I felt The Next Iron Chef contestant's pain. This cannot accurately represent my skills! I can't post this!

Histrionics aside, I'm kidding...I think. Obviously, I should do this more often. The results are pleasing and clearly an indication that, despite multiple protestations to the contrary, I would most likely have no trouble posting a daily painting and continuing on with larger pieces in one day. I am so busted!

Please enjoy the challenge group's 30 minute studies...

“Glance Back” 
Oil on canvas board 12”x9” 
©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

“Red Flag”
oil on masonite, 8x10”
©2010 Sharman Owings

“The Critique”
30 minute study
9x12” oil on linen
© 2010 Robin Cheers

"Last Light”
Oil on board, 5x6”
©Aaron Cordell Johnson

 “Thea’s Rock 10-10-2010”
13x13” pastel on clear primed linen canvas
©2010 Vicki Ross


  1. interesting, Suzanne. I think you did an admiral job on it. I myself also like to do a quickie now and then and in fact just finished one befor taking this break to see what all my friends are up to. I will post it later under my Painting-a-day that I have changed to Miniature art. I can't seem to stay with paintings-a-day. I tried. ...LOL

  2. Sounds like a decent blogger's goal: 30 minutes for 30 days.

    If you feel it's good for you, it could be something worth trying. ;) (And it would be over fairly soon).

    I personally like the onion. I haven't tried painting one but I've heard they are not super easy.

  3. Love it!! I wish I could make something look that good in 30 minutes.
    I may have to try the 30 minute study. It might not make it to my blog though.

  4. Now that is just dang pretty Suzanne. 30 minutes or not. For real. :)

  5. Haha... SO BUSTED. I love that. For me too... gee.

    I like Kristen's suggestion to do this for 30 days. Although I felt like I needed to rest up after those 30 minute efforts, it WOULD be so good to develop this and keep learning how to do this better. "Practice makes perfect", as the saying goes.

  6. Looking pretty good to me! Great success, and great idea for a group. The 30 Minute Painters!

  7. LOVE the title, too... See- you did it! In Carol Marine's workshop she had us divide our canvas into 4 squares and we got 4 shots at 10 minutes painitngs. TEN minutes! I have to say I loved the last one I did. It's a great exercise. That being said.... it's an exercise. And you can breathe and take your sweet little time tomorrow! Sorry, I have to go... your onion is making me tear up....

  8. Your onion is great, and you know it! All the works are wonderful examples of the skills you and your challenge group have developed. Be proud.

  9. Okay, Suzanne, let's be the 30 Minute Painters... it will be so good for us!

  10. Excellent exercice et beau r├ęsultat avec cette "pleureuse" qui sont des oignons succulents en confit...
    Magnifiques nuances de couleurs.

  11. It takes some courage to continue on with the 30 minute painting are doing an amazing job and it is going to be a wonderful help to your painting abilities, which are already considerable! Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog and I am SO pleased that my posts bring you some joy. I am very much enjoying being in touch with you and so many other talented and thoughtful artists...this is so great!

  12. Hi Suzanne,

    Your quick painting is wonderfully loose and spontaneous. As are the others. It is amazing what a person can accomplish in 30 minutes! I often think this very thing when I stop procrastinating and finally mop the floors and clean the bathrooms...

    I like to do the Twenty Minute Challenge blog every now and then. These quick studies really keep you on your toes.

  13. I am in awe that you created something so beautiful and luscious in such a short time! Its wonderful!

  14. You did this in 30 MINUTES?? I'm astounded. At everyone's, actually. I should brave up and try this. Outstanding onion!!

  15. My moms came over and looked. Moms said WOW.
    Then they looked at the others, and my moms were amazed,,, all that beauty in 30 minutes.
    WOW. Awsome,,,, my mama wants to be like you someday


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