Tuesday, November 2, 2010


18x24" pastel on canson paper

I did this painting years ago when I worked exclusively in pastels. It's been missing since I sent it into the Pastel Society for acceptance. I was subsequently accepted and was thrilled, but I never made it back to pick this up, even after repeated notices from the folks there. I paid dues once and then just forgot about it. Strange. Why wouldn't I want to retrieve this and continue being a member of that illustrious group? I just kept blowing it off until finally it was years later and I thought it was too late to give it a second thought. I have no explanation for this behavior, then or now.

I'd like to think someone liked it enough not to throw it away or hide it in a dark, dusty closet. I certainly showed it no respect, but admittedly, I wish I hadn't been so careless with it.

Oh well. I've got four portraits to do, three pet certificates to paint, two logos to design and I'm still California dreamin. Heavy sigh. Couldn't wait to get home and now the sight of a palm tree on tv makes me swoon. It is my contention that human beings are the strangest species on the face of the planet. Most of the time what we do and say makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


  1. People strange? Surely not. Well maybe so. Yes really they are. I have done similar dumb things for no explainable reason. Glad you got it back. Is too nice not to have. Are you still a member in good standing?

  2. This is gorgeous, Suzanne! To have thrown it away would have been criminal so I'm sure it still exists somewhere. And that's quite a fantastic thought somehow, I love the idea that a few of my pieces might be hidden somewhere in the world without me knowing. I'm tempted to send a few out randomly just for fun...then if I'm ever famous art historians will have a whale of a time hunting them down for a catalogue raisonne! Can you imagine the rapture those balding men in tweed jackets with elbow patches would have upon finding a missing painting???!!! Oh the images!

  3. The pastel is wonderful. I hate to think that it is missing in action! I'm with you, I'm hoping someone did something wonderful with it and it's not stuffed in a corner, waiting to be discovered.

  4. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. This is awesome and I know it must be hanging in someone's home or office. :)

  5. You are an awsome artist.
    I love to come see what your paint brush has done. And I am always glad that I visited.
    Thankyou for the sweet words on my bloggy

  6. It's fantastic Suzanne! I'm sure it is proudly hung in someone's "parlor" and they are grinning from ear to ear over the painting they scored!

    And yes, we are a bizarre species!

  7. I agree about the strangeness of humans.. .. As usual, you make me feel so NORMAL. Right now I have one painting at the Providence Art Club that was supposed to be picked up in August. When it WAS August I finally picked up my holiday pieces that were supposed to be picked up Jan 2 from the Portsmouth Art Guild. In June I got a very nasty email from an art group I will not name simply saying "PICK UP YOUR PAINTING. NOW." Yikes! When I am finally reunited with my pieces it's like I've found missing children, I'm so happy. What is up with that? Glad you got this gem back, though!

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  9. Fantastic! Not much more can be said when a painting like this is so great.

  10. Great piece, Suz. Too bad you didn't get it back. Most juried shows state that any works not picked up after a certain period of time will become the property of the gallery/organization. I'm sure it still exists somewhere in the world. It's too damn nice to toss.


  11. We are definitely the strangest species. Even stranger than pugs. ;)
    Believe me, no one would ever throw away or hide away that beauty. It's on someone's wall and is admired daily, wherever that may be. Maybe someone will come across the image here and you'll be reunited with it someday.
    It is stunning. Wish *I* had found it. :)

  12. Achieving such detail in a pastel is not easy, I know. What a lovely piece. I hope it turns up one of these days.

  13. We all have a little "strangeness"...or as I usually say...we all have a little "crazy"...but then that's what makes the world interesting.

    Love the painting...I have no doubt that it will resurface at some point in art history as one of the "undiscovered early works of Suzanne Berry" :-)



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