Monday, November 29, 2010


oil on canvas

This is a commission that I was fortunate to get as a result of the fare last month!  I don't usually do this kind of portrait and felt it would be a real challenge. Happily the client was happy and so, of course, that means I was too.


  1. Commissions can be nerve wracking!!! It looks excellent and so glad that the client loves it:) I always feel like there is a huge weight lifted off of me once they see it and are happy!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Suz, You Rock! How could the client not be satisfied with this? Congrats on getting this commission from the fair. That proves the fair was an overwhelming success for you - and to think it was your first time out... Outstanding.


  3. This is total awsomeness.
    Beautiful job. We can see the person would love it.
    You are just awsome..
    I need to call mama over here to look at it.
    She does not want to miss a one.
    If you come visit me,, maybe the rabbits will give you some carrot cider tea

  4. Well you did a really excellent job , love it.

  5. She is lovely Suzanne, no wonder she likes it!!

  6. Congrats Suzanne. Well done. I'm happy that you're happy that she's happy!

  7. Congrats on a great painting. So nice when the client is happy!

  8. Great stuff Suzanne! Again excelling at something you don't usually do! Love the composition and angle in this one, modern, fresh and excellently executed. Bravo!

  9. I can well imagine that your client is extremely pleased with her portrait! I have done a number of commissioned portraits and I well know the difficulties of pleasing not only the client but all their friends and family who see it also! Every one is a critic and has their two cents to add it seems. I am going into "retirement" mode these days and I don't look for commissions any more. If one comes along and I think it might be fun I will do it but it is too stressful to keep it up all the time. Great job.

  10. Simply beautiful Suzanne! I love her pose, and her expression.

  11. You did a wonderful joy: It's beautiful!

    And I love your comments about wanting the year to go slow. Haha. If only.

    I concur. I suppose time WOULD go slower if we just sat and looked out the window. That might be good for a day, just to think. But it would be TOO slow all the time, and really boring. Keep up all the wonderful work you do!


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