Saturday, December 25, 2010



Tis the season. Again. I've been waiting for something insightful to show up. Been waiting for days now. Nothing. I'm taking it as a sign. No list of emotional, creative or life changing epiphanies this year. No! This year I think the silence from command central can mean only one thing. Listen! I should listen much more than I speak.

And I think the silence also means that striving to be kind, quiet, gentle and compassionate with myself and everyone I come in contact with or even think about might also be a good idea.

I hope everyone had and is having a wonderful day, whether you are observing that very special birthday party or not. And I hope that the new year brings joy, success, good health, new friends, creativity and peace to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who stops by, your comments are a huge part of my process and I appreciate your kind words so very much.

Sleep tight, good night, good health, peace and joy.


  1. Sometimes I must be quiet so that I can listen for the tune and rhythm of my own heart beating.
    Sometimes we all must stop and be quiet.. even me- the Tweedles..
    Sometimes I do not have words,,,like everyone else,,, and it brought sadness to my mind, until my friend told me that we all must rest sometime,,,and so sometimes,,, as they say,,, there is a time for everything,,listen and wait,,,, for that moment,,, when you see a vision before you, then let your heart soar,
    Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas, Suz! I love your card - the Pugs are adorable.


  3. They are too cute! I like the idea of resting and listening. Good advice to recharge and rethink things.

  4. Merry Christmas! Thank you for your blog, your wonderful paintings and your willingness to share it all with us.

  5. Right back atcha and those Puggies are adorable!!
    I like what you said about listening. I don't make resolutions because I never keep them but I would like to set some goals and work toward them.
    Happy New Year Suzanne :D Rude? NOT!


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