Sunday, December 26, 2010


24x36" oil on canvas

This isn't the finished portrait, as I worked on it right down to the wire. The client picked it up after family festivities late Christmas Eve to present to his wife and mother of the subject on Christmas morning.

I'm really beginning to feel more comfortable with the larger format canvas with regard to facial features, brushstrokes, color and value transition. It feels as though a concept is beginning to form. I think I'm looking for the feeling that we, the audience, are watching through a window to the stark white canvas, on which we are all in the process of painting our lives. Every so often, a subject walks by and sees us watching. He or she then steps closer to the window to look back at us. The expression, stance and demeanor of the watched subject give us a quick glimpse into a moment in his or her life and we are open to surmise the details as we choose. If i can hear the echo of the footsteps taken to reach my voyeuristic position, I've succeeded in reaching my goal.

A goal that is still quite hazy but a goal nonetheless. It's a slippery do I take my work more seriously while at the same time smile, non-judgmentally and compassionately, at my need to impress and succeed?


  1. Great portrait, Suzanne, and I like your take on what a portrait painting is about.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Suzanne,
    This is wonderful! Those eyes are amazing. I know they must be pleased!!

  3. This must be amazing seen at it's full size. Congrats Suzanne! No doubt it was a teary morning at this house when this gem was unveiled.

  4. Great portrait Suzanne! I really like what you articulated in the last paragraph, I think many of us share that same feeling.

  5. The portait is amazing. You capture feeling..
    and I can feel that feeling. Its not blaaa,, there is life to it...
    sometimes... I think our path is slippery too,,,
    sometines it is hard to stand up and reach for the goals...
    if you ever stumble... i will remain beside you

  6. Suzanne... your portraits are so wonderful ! Such power and prescence in these ! They are unique in the poses, and that's something I very much love... -Sandy Haynes

  7. Nice job, Suz. I'm sure the mother was most pleased with her Christmas gift. I can definitely relate to your slippery slope. I agree with Dana that many of us share that very feeling.


  8. I love this idea, the window with people looking in. Be gentle with yourself, girl, and let yourself unfold at your own pace. Peace. And speaking of piece - this is a beautiful one!

  9. The Mother was weepy and whoopie upon seeing this painting.

    Suzanne has captured our son as only she is capable of doing.

    BRAVO for MALE 2.


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