Monday, April 15, 2013


"That Shirt"
16x20"  oil on canvas ©2013 Suzanne Berry


 Challenge time again. This month was my choice and I chose Trompe l'oeil as our theme, the dictionary definition of which is:

(n.) Visual deception, esp. in paintings, in which objects are rendered in extremely fine detail emphasizing the illusion of tactile and spatial qualities

Okay, so in hindsight I should have used a support with less tooth. What a challenge! Pun intended. How silly is that? I choose a subject I've always wanted to play with and didn't think to use linen! Oh well. It was fun. I'll try it again and see what happens.
Oops! I hit publish and I don't want to delete so I'll update. Apologies..


"Red Vase in Niche"
4x4" oil on marble

"To Do"
10.5x13" oil on canvas
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin


  1. So beautiful Suze! You master detail in oils so well, without every having it look dull or overworked. I so admire that about your work. I was just thinking the other day of the little girl's dress on a hanger that you did once before. I loved that one too. Hope you're doing well my friend. I've been thinking about you.


  2. Oh Suzanne, I love this painting. It is fabulous. I remember the 'Party Dress' challenge and you did such a great job painting of that very fancy little girl dress. I think you have found your calling with this painting. The shear linen look is amazing. Great job!!!!! I am so impressed.

  3. about 50 shades of gray....from warm to cool and everything in between. This painting has a quiet elegance to it. Rich in its simplicity.

  4. This is an OUTSTANDING piece, Suzanne!! The folds in material, to me, is not easy...and yet, you never have problems with it...I love it ...very realistic....! (and the wooden hanger is amazing!!)

  5. You are so amazing, it is always a treat to visit you. Rub some of that off on me will you? lol

  6. Wow! Amazingly well done, you are so clever!!! Wow!


  7. How can it be Suz, that you painted this? How can it be that you just can't take it off the hanger and put it on?
    You did it again,,, time after time you amaze this.
    We know what splendorious is.... and this is it!

  8. Thank you for choosing this very challenging Challenge this month, Suzanne! I was very glad to have a good excuse to try out this genre and to really make myself think of something different.

    Your shirt is wonderful and you've made it look so effortless. Is there a story behind this garment?

  9. Suzanne,
    Great painting, a study in subtle grays, warms and cools, and great depth too, the lapels really project!

    I'm curious, does this have a special significance for you?

  10. Great choice, Suz! Love how you handled it and I can't see tooth in the photo. I love see white paintings like this too. Amazing all the subtle shifts of color within white.

  11. Fabulous, Gunkie!!!
    You have done a superb job - love the softly gradating colors on the wall and the shadowing within the shirt. Good choice for a challenge, too.
    Every one wants to know - is there a story behind the shirt?

  12. Really enjoy checking out your Challenge - and honestly the SECOND thing I thought when I saw it (first thing was "I LOVE this!") was... "Doesn't she often use a smoother surface?" But even though it was TOUGH to paint like this, you did a great job. I have my classes paint shirts, and now I'll bookmark yours to add to the 'inspirational examples'. Gosh. I didn't even think, knowing the shirt is a pretty well known 'topic' for painters..... is it Tim's?

  13. Nice shirt!

    Trompe l'oeil? Well when you pick a challenge, you really pick one! There's some spunk still in you girl! Glad you're keeping busy painting.

  14. I like the 'TOOTH' - the painting is elegant and has a special softness!

  15. wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo---that's is one gorgeous painting! I love everything about it. All the lovely neutrals really make the white so white. Lovely!

  16. I knew it was a linen shirt (not cotton but linen) from the get-go. Okay, the tooth maybe gives away the illusion. But I happen to really like that tooth.
    I like paintings that seem to say, "See I look so very real but I'm really just a painting afterall."

  17. These are all just great and this very white shirt is exceptional! I love the texture the fabric has due to the support, so I say good choice!


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