Thursday, November 13, 2008


Happily, I have a ton of work, including two, count 'em, two, graphic design jobs! Unhappily, I want to paint!!!! This is good. I miss doing my daily like I miss my feet jammies, my tea and my bankie on a cold, stormy day. I'm gonna try and squeeze one in today but it doesn't look hopeful. I did have such good intentions when I pledged to post four days in a row. It was more like a fib. Is that how one spells fib? Or is it phib? Whatever. I inadvertently told an untruth. Plus, I lost half a day at the Honda service center because himself got stopped and ticketed for a blown headlight! Am I whining?

Also, we bought a new screen for our old mac. My imac still has won't turn on disease. Again, I could get it serviced, but then what would I complain about? Anyway, this screen is calibrated too dark and I've been washing out my last few dailies by lightening them too much! I do apologize. To you and to me. Imagine working all day just to see a faded representation at DP the next morning! Arrrrgh!

I'm off to get started working and recalibrate this screen!

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