Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm beginning early today as I am really getting behind schedule. I'm hoping to post a daily later today. This weekend was really busy. I've decided to re-launch my website as soon as possible as it's hopelessly outdated and features none of my latest work. Oops.

Anyway, with dreams of a brand new, super-sophisticated, home-designed site dancing in my head I took a look at my schedule and immediately jumped online to look for a suitable template. Back in the day, as a designer, I was not at all happy with templates and their availability but now as a working artist—I'm thrilled. I just don't have the knowledge or the time to do it all and I need help.

Happily I've gotten a lot of feedback and really want to put my best foot forward so I've decided to get myself all spiffy and organized. I had to compose an Artist's Statement for my new site and as I sat and thought about what being an artist meant to me I was suddenly filled with a warm sense of gratitude and eager anticipation. Why, I wondered, am I always in pain or complaining about this or that instead of just being thrilled that I'm able to do this and just enjoy it? I'm the only one here when I work, it must be me that's choosing fear, doubt and pain. I can change that to joy, anticipation and courage. What appears on the canvas is just that, what appears on the canvas. It's not my salvation, my identity or my worth. It's my craft. My statement, while emotionally valid, did not reflect my working state of mind. I'm going to change that.

I've wanted to do this most of my life. I have the ability, the tools, a completely pimped out studio, and lots 'o time. It's way past time to grow up, work confidently and stop whining. Well, perhaps a little whimper now and then. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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