Wednesday, November 26, 2008


oil on canvas

It's not finished, but I wanted to post today, so I am. It's close though. Can you believe what an amazing face this beast has? And what fun it's been painting it. Such a magnificent presence, strong and yet gentle and loving. So much going on in that mug, or snout or pout, whatever. All those hills and valleys. When I worked with pastels, one of my favorite for cool shadows was caput mortum, lots of that here. Wish I had more time. This is supposed to be shipped out this coming Monday. Crank up the heat and close the door in the storage room, which in actuality is a small bedroom and hope for the best. Happy T-Day!


  1. I have a mastiff, Suzanne. I love it.....

  2. It is lovely, Suzanne. I love his face (makes me smile), you gave him an air of "Gentle Giant"...lovely.


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