Wednesday, July 8, 2009


oil on canvas

This is a commission that the client returned simply because I accepted less than optimal photo reference. I'll never do that again. The initial portrait was done from a composite of 2 photos, the best I could find out of the selection the client provided. It involved putting a head on a body and switching positions, basically it wasn't a good idea. Surprisingly enough, the client loved it, but just wanted to me change the direction one of the pups was facing in. I decided it would be better just to start over.

Happily, the proprietor of the boutique I do the portraits through—"for the love of Pete!"— took some new snaps that were just perfect for reference and voila...Bella and Calvin Part Deux. These are the busiest critters I have ever worked on. Whew!


  1. Wow! You've captured the "busy-ness" of their fur quite magnificently. Suz, somehow you are able to capture the essence of animals. I feel like I know both Bella and Calvin just from looking at this painting. -Don

  2. I like them as is. Siamese twins jockeying for space

  3. Very well done. So much personality captured with detail.
    Like your caterpillar too.

  4. Love their sweet little faces and the fur is painted so well. I like that solid green background next to the charcoal blues and grays of the coats too. Fantastic painting!

  5. Very sweet! Those little faces remind me of our poodle, Snickers, when he needed to be groomed.


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