Thursday, July 2, 2009

BUG LIFE: Solitude

oil on linen

Solitude. One of the primary reasons I fell for and married himself was because I felt and still feel as comfortable with him as I do when I'm alone. I love solitude, unless of course a thunderboomer is coming. I see this wasp as an adolescent who just had a huge blow out with M&D and struck out on his own. He hasn't a clue where he's going, but being in charge of the direction his flight takes is quite the heady brew, so he's fearless. I guess, for our purposes here, we might want to ignore all that instinctive wasp-like behavior hot-wired into his DNA that keeps him tied to the nest.

Ok, now I am vexed! I'm typing in HTML. Eeeewwooo! Hate it, hate it, hate it. Takes me back to those antique machines we used to use called typewriters. Figures. Ya get to the place where you can create a painting, take a shot of it, upload it to a site and have it then available for any and all who wish to view it, and then, bam! ya can't choose the font you love! Ridiculous analogy, but I feel better.

I entered the Trampoline series into "Sanguine: The Temperament of Blood," the July exhibition at and was accepted! Then I decided to enter the Bug series in the August show and in doing so decided to name any and all bug paintings with the tag "BUG LIFE:" (ya know like Thug Life) — followed by the title of that particular bug painting. That felt neat, I experienced my very first "series" buzz. No pun intended.


  1. congratulations on entering both shows! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how well your paintings are going to do. HUGS!
    loved the wasp Jr. story too. Maybe you should write/illustrate books.

  2. Like the series "buzz"!! Congrats on your show, and it made my day to see a new bug up! I've been riding a 100 mile an hour ferris wheel the past 2 months...will get around to callin you one of these days my dear friend. Happy 4th.

  3. Oops. I think I called your wasp a bee on ASB... Either way he still looks lonely. Great story for this guy. CONGRATS on getting into the one show and good luck on the other. Have a Happy 4th of July. -Don

  4. Wonderful bugs :) I love this one's little feet! Great detail!

  5. Love the wasp. looks just great.
    Congratulations on the shows.
    If you have a distaste for thunderboomers you would definitely not be enjoying yourself around here lately. We are getting a daily bombardment.

  6. Another great bug from the bug lady.This could even be hung on the ceiling.
    I'll look for you on the shows

  7. You know I love your bugs! This post was so entertaining...a bug with attitude.

    Congrats on your shows!


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