Friday, June 26, 2009


oil on linen

Weird! Blogger won't let me choose a type face. I'm not happy. At all. Anyway, I started and finished a painting in one day again! Oh my. Thunder boomer on its way. I hate those things. Enjoy the weekend.


  1. *sputter* You did this in one day!? Did you take the whole 24 hours to do it? If you didn't, I am even more amazed. I can almost smell that sweet basil waiting to be toss into something yummy.

  2. Hey, we just got that thunder here in Brooklyn! It's such a weird rainy year. This is a gorgeous painting, both compositionally and in the way it is painted! Besides which, I love sage.

  3. Great colors, Suz. You took a difficult complimentary pair and made them work magnificently.

    Living here in the desert I really miss those 'boomers'. And, my grass would love a little rain right now.


  4. Blogger can be SO strange. It won't let me change my background color!
    I LOVE this painting!!

  5. very nice. I have to comment on your dog painting too. Wonderful painting.


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