Wednesday, June 24, 2009


oil on linen

It's been quite a while since I started and finished a painting in one day. I forgot how gratifying it feels. There are a few more bugs in the works, but I began feeling like I was painting myself into a subject matter corner, so I thought I'd just dive in and paint a cup.


  1. Wow....This is beautiful. True talent can make any subject seem like a treasure. Oh, and I think Benny used just plain vegetable not olive [expensive] oil to clean brushes.

  2. Suz, You have captured the translucency of the glaze on the cup perfectly. You see things so well and then translate them to canvas so cleanly and accurately. You never cease to amaze. -Don

  3. I love the monumental scale feeling from the perspective in this, and also the light.

  4. luscious! The color and reflections remind me of ribbon candy for some reason. I use safflower oil --it lasts forever, and isn't a problem if a bit is left in the brush since it's used in many oil paints.I still clean once a week w/brush conditioner, though.

  5. Lovely. Especially great reflection.

  6. Hi,

    Usually when I comment on a painting I tend to be a bit technical, but this time I'll say that I really like the mood that your painting conveys.
    It's a sort of mistery thing...

    Best regards,



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