Monday, June 8, 2009


oil on linen

I guess it was inevitable wasn't?

I'm beginning to get comfortable enough with oil to play around with it. (Apparently I'm still intimidated by it, it's been five years now.) I painted a light coat of the color I wanted for the wings and then wiped it off with a paper towel and what was left was a nice transparent feel. I also took the liberty of giving them all a bit more fur so they'd chub up and look fuzzy and, well, more cute. Ouch! Perhaps I meant more delightful...fetching?


  1. BEE-youtiful!!

    Really, I love your bees. Such an unusual take-- very striking. (Bee-guiling, even).

  2. If this is a painting by someone intimidated by oils I'd hate to see what they could do when they get comfortable with them... This is great, Suz. And, the title is perfect. -Don

  3. A fantastic idea....beautiful painting. And I second Don....

  4. Love this and the way you used the entire length of the canvas. Very cool. Perfect title!

  5. Amazing! If I hadn't seen this I'd never have bee-lieved that they would make such engaging subjects!

  6. Definitely, a furrier, fuzzier bee is more attractive. :) Awesome wings!!

  7. Is this painting still available?


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