Thursday, June 4, 2009

“Napoleon” by Jessa Huebing-Reitinger

Pastel on Wallis paper

I met Jessa through my blog a few months ago. She left a comment on one of my bug paintings and invited me to check out her work. I did and was awe struck by her paintings and the atmosphere at! Her work is incredible! She is a live performance painter, working on enormous canvasses, creating microscopic details of insects while balancing from a ladder in front of an audience!
And, as you can see the results are spectacular. I wanted to share her work with you and she was kind enough to grant me permission to include one of her paintings in my blog.

Jessa and her husband James Huebing-Reitinger, also an artist and educator, travel around the country and educate the general public on the science of entomology, ecosystem preservation, and global conservation through the mediums of live performance, visual fine arts, scientific approach and interactive activities. Pay a visit to their site,, it's a feast for the eyes and quite a field trip for the little gray cells. And thank
you both for your incredible work and generosity.


  1. Suzanne, this is fascinating, and I love your insect paintings also! Thank you for sharing about this artist and project on your blog.

  2. Sooz-
    Thanks a mill for all your excitment and support...your Mildred book is on the way to you. Talk to you soon!!


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