Thursday, June 4, 2009


pencil on paper

Still working on the latest bug incarnation and really havin' fun with the concept. I want to be patient and not post any painting before its time, but we know how well I do with that. So, I thought I'd post some pencil sketches in the meantime to keep "little suz" pacified. Sulking, whining, a lot of heavy sighing, not at all pretty.

We sometimes gather magazines and just draw faces at night while glued to the tube. Makes us feel a little less like Brad Pitt's character in True Romance. Speaking of movies (nice segue suz) I believe this is Tim Burton. A fan yes, but not enough to draw his countenance on my free time. I just liked the reflection on his specs.

1 comment:

  1. Your posts always make me smile. I like that you drew Mr. Burton only because you liked the reflections in his glasses. That's just too damn cool. Oh yeah, and a wonderful likeness, at that... -Don


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