Tuesday, June 16, 2009


oil on canvas

I knew at some point I'd have to get back to still life and give the bugs a rest, but I have to say the excitement level isn't nearly as high. I started this months ago, right before I got bugged. I finished it today because my current bug painting is still in progress, I haven't posted in days, and I'm under strict orders from himself to do so. As usual I'm not the least bit pleased, but what else is new?


  1. Suz, The light coming thru the shade is simply spectacular. I'm actually trying to type this with burn spots in my eyes. :-D

    If I had one critique, it's that the back of the table cuts thru where the base of the lamp attaches to its stand creating a tangent which draws my eye.

    It's bugging me that I have to wait to see the next bug. Or is it I'm just a pest???

    Best, -Don

  2. Love it- beautiful painting, Suzanne.

  3. I think it looks great. Nice use of color and value. Love those last few bugs. You are using great thought in doing those. I commend you.

  4. Wonderful subtle lighting, Suz. Nice painting. Maybe you can put a bug on the shade somewhere..(just kidding)

  5. Suzanne, I was looking at this painting earlier and was sure I had left a comment. Anyway, I think it is a wonderful painting full of atmosphere and those deep orangey reds are just up my street! Lovely work Suzanne!

  6. How do you feel about moths?


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