Wednesday, June 10, 2009


oil on linen

These are my favorite bugs to paint...I think. So colorful and interesting, standing still and moving at the same time.

Does the end of the canvas represent the End? Do we paint different scenes for ourselves until we finally run out of canvas? And, if so, how big is our brush and what color paint are we using? Do we use broad strokes or lots of single small ones? Does our canvas hang in a museum, a gallery, on someone's wall or does it sit, untouched on our easel?

I love this size canvas, however it is a chore to photograph! We're in talks about a new camera with more mega pixels I think they're called, which should make for higher resolution postings. The copy board is in storage. I need to find a way to make it work though, himself is not at all happy about the cobwebs that have happily taken up residence on it.


  1. Amazing technique and a brilliantly creative use of subject, Suz...I continue to be awed..

  2. ....Incredible paint and subiect...

  3. Fascinating. Where do you get your models? :)

  4. ....Good question...where do you get your models????? ^___^

  5. Awesome! I really love this one. What a great use of the elongated canvas! Keep up the beautiful work, my love.

  6. Beautifully painted and the perfect composition for this guy. Love those greens and reds...and that blue shadow! Another beauty. -Don

  7. I just love your bugs!
    I hope I'm not out of line with this -I didn't see a signature, so hopefully it could be hung vertically? Upside down?

  8. Oh, this is great! I love the literal and metaphorical sense of it, "the end"...


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