Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BUG LIFE: Flexiblity

oil on linen

I'm not the least bit flexible. And I'm not talking about only physically either. I'm learning, but it's been quite the struggle. Where would this little guy be if he weren't flexible? He wouldn't get very far for one thing.

I'm learning about my own personal inflexibility by watching reality TV. I often wonder if, when filming is over and cast members have a chance to see how they behaved, they would change anything if given the chance. I think we'd all benefit from a little hidden camera coverage of our daily lives. Perhaps we'd get a chance to see if we are indeed who we think we are. Or would we be capable of objectivity? The same voice directing self-involved, immature behavior certainly isn't going to call us to task for following its instructions now is it?

Still, if we could only see ourselves as others see us.


  1. eeeee!!! I love caterpillars! You captured that juicy jelly like body perfectly! I am amazed at those tiny little hairs you've painted.

  2. I love Sheila's "juicy jelly" description. I couldn't put it any better. Great job, Suz.

    As for reality TV - I really feel those morons have no qualms at all about how they act. They're getting attention, paid, and notoriety, which is why they signed up for it. I cannot watch reality TV anymore. Too many self-involved train-wrecks... I always feel a little less intelligent afterward... and just a little grimy. But, that's just me... -Don

  3. Love the painting, AND your idea for self-evaluation. It would indeed be telling for most of us.... at least I think it would for me. It's the rare human who really sees him- or her-self honestly, all the time.


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