Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ok, so every day was a bit of a stretch. New rules! Two days off each week. From drawing that is. I worked on the newest bug painting today as well, but, it's a bit of a slow go. Today, oddly enough, I felt compelled to work so I took advantage of it.

Also, making myself accountable, blog-wise that is, seems to be working. I posted a while back that I wanted to create some original music for my website. I didn't. I think creating a piece of music, however primitive, from start to finish would be good for me, so I'm committing myself to just that by August 31st. I need to update some work on the site so, I'll have them upload the music with the new work at the same time. There, it's done. I'm committed. We'll see.

Is time going by a lot more quickly or is it me?


  1. I've been enjoying your sketches Suzanne. Neat idea to zero in sometimes just on the features like you've done in several of them.

  2. I love the kind of "unfinished" method of drawing. This one is fantastic!

  3. Lovely drawing, Suzanne! I like the unfinished quality.


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