Sunday, May 9, 2010


oil on canvas SOLD

This was a commission for a Mother's Day Gift to a friend from the past. Oddly enough, she's the person credited with the best thing anyone's ever said to me. I hope she enjoys it.

And to all the Moms our there, God Bless You All! I don't know how you do it.

I don't know how good I would have been for a child. I just checked to make sure the boys were still breathing and they're dogs! In my defense though, it was quiet...too quiet and they just chewed the button off of my new linen hobo bag and I'm not sure what it was made of. I think I'd be somewhere in-between Shirley Maclaine in Terms of Endearment, climbing into the crib to make sure her daughter was still breathing and Joan Crawford, weilding a wire hanger. Kidding. However I think I'm safer with just pups.

A word to a certain mother we haven't seen in a while. There is love where it appears there is none. Have a wonderful day.


  1. what a great things to say.You are a special person.
    Why do I have tears???
    Hugs to you and the boys...

  2. great painting Suzanne. The recipient is getting aa real jewel. I too don't know how moms do it. Mine sure did a greeat job and my wife is my hero.

  3. Another great painting Suzanne. You're a wonderful artist and those little pugs are lucky to have you in their lives. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Love the personality in this painting. I can tell you are a great mommy to your baby pugs. Have a great day!

  5. Ah Suzanne. You always make me laugh out loud. I suspect we'd be darned good buddies were we to live near each other. This portrait for your old friend is gorgeous! I guess I'm closer to the Shirley McClain mom persona. Sigh...

  6. Still laughing at your checking on their breathing. You are too much!

    The kind expression on this pup's face is so touching. She (he?)looks like one of those "good ole dogs" with submissive, completely lovable personalities. Great job on the eyes and sheen of the fur.

  7. I think is a great painting, I love the brightness of the hair and his soft eyes. I'm sure the recipient will be happy with it. Thanks for following my blog it's necesary be patient and smart to be able to understand my English.

  8. I really love this painting. You have done an amazingly, BEAUTIFUL job! It's just stunning.

    You sound like me, when my kids were newborns I checked to make sure they were breathing about a hundred times a day. I'm crazy like that! I want to see pics of your puppies, you should post some. Or maybe you did and I missed it?

  9. I am so with you on the dog/child thing......:)
    I love Curley...

  10. Suzanne!

    This is such a strong dog portrait!

    Fantastic brushstrokes and nice attention to detail on the fur, nose, and colorful dog collar.

    I would never have thought the apple green background could work but it does!

    Excellent job on this one!



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