Monday, May 10, 2010

JANUARY by Timothy Berry

24x36" oil on canvas

This is himself's very first journey into the free, spontaneous and unlimited world of abstract art! He and I joined an art group, the brainchild of two talented, imaginative and focused co-workers of his, and this is the second project he completed. I wanted to share it because I am so proud of what he did. 

We actually missed two meetings and finally attended our first one this past Saturday. A question. What is it with men and critical information like where and when? I shouldn't generalize, I apologize. Let me rephrase...what is it with my man and critical information like time and place? Enough said. Bottom line, we made it this month.

I was thrilled with our first meeting and dearly wished we'd made the first two. The concept goes like this: each month we are given a new word by the group leader; we can interpret that word in any creative way we choose. We fill out a card that explains what our interpretation means to us creatively and we meet once a month to present and discuss each piece. It's that simple and it is quite simply the best creative experience I've shared with others in quite some time.

The atmosphere felt free of critical condescension, free of any kind of posing or inflated egos. It was a wonderful experience. We each took a turn to talk about our piece and then we were asked questions by the group members. Everyone discussed, freely, what it's like to create and how sometimes it doesn't always feel all that wonderful, but the rewards from trying, from facing ones fears and keepin on, are worth every doubt.

The first project was the word "Wheel!" Tim and I actually co-created a jam for the word, complete with his voice, through a "helium filter" in GarageBand, reciting words he'd written over my lead, his bass and a drum loop. It was pretty cool and something we would not have ever even imagined doing, except for being involved in the group. This month we co-created a music video, for the word for the month, January. And I must say, I'm more excited about creating -- painting and otherwise -- than I have been in some time. I hope to share both of these at some point after we refine them a bit.

I'm feelin very good about this.


  1. I really like this - there's order in the apparent chaos and is a very appealing juxtaposition. Glad to hear you're loving the class and can't wait to see your own efforts :)

  2. What a neat piece your husband created here. It sounds like this group is a fabulous experience and I look forward to hearing more about your creations, joint or singly!

  3. Nice job, Tim!!! I love those colors and the composition is rockin'...

    I can't wait to see/hear your collaborative effort that you two have been experimenting with together. I've always found it quite rewarding to stretch outside of my comfort zone. I'm glad to hear that you two are doing that and finding it rewarding, as well.

    Happy Creating!


  4. I love this, and wish I was there to join such a group! How awesome, it sounds very cool. And to get that kind of stimulation is exciting when it sets off that creative flow. It is a kind of rejuvenation (who needs drugs)
    when we can get high on art!! (Kidding about the drugs)
    Love the wonderful mother's day dog, beautiful...looks a litte like my Tessie!
    Thanks for your generous comments to me!!

  5. Wow! Himself is very talented! I love the sycophantic rhythm to this piece. What a great couple you two make!

  6. When I saw this on my side bar my first thought was "I didn't know Suzanne was such a great Abstract Artist!" This is so dynamic!

    Your group sounds so creatively stimulating. No telling what you two talented people will come up with working in such a positive, free environment.

  7. That is a beautifully moving painting! He did an awesome job! And your group sounds fantastic, like so much fun. :)

  8. Very cool! Funny, it sounds a lot like the art group I'm in, which I thought about writing a post on.

  9. That sounds like such a cool group. Wish I had something like that here.

  10. This sounds like a lot of fun, Suzanne!

    A perfect place for fellow artists to come together and channel all that creative energy!


  11. Love the abstract. It sounds like you have an ideal group to do this with too - that is so important.

  12. Himself should be thanking everyone, but alas, we'll all be long gone before he gets to it. He means well though and he was really, really thrilled and thoroughly inspired by each and every comment. It was his first abstract and what could be better than to receive such wonderful comments for such incredibly gifted artists.

    Caroline, thank you. A perfect description and exactly what he was going for. And also thank you, I'm excited about out next project although vexed about the treatment.

    AutumnLeaves, Thank you so much! I'm so happy that he's working again and the group is just what we both needed. Thank you for your kind words.

    Don, thank you! It's nice to be working together again and without the corporate buzz kill too! We'll see what happens, thank for the good words my friend.

    Mary Ann, thanks so much from himself! I wish you were able to join as well, it's really helping us both stretch. I love the art buzz but well...:0) And thanks for your comment about Curley.

    Sheila, thank you very much from himself and and from me, what a wonderful thing to say. Much appreciated.

    Gwen, I wish I was, it's something I've wanted to try for a long time. I'm really proud of what he did first time out. And the group is really promising, thank you so much for your kind words.

    Crystal, thank you so much! We're looking forward to the next meeting.

    R Garriott, thanks so much. I would love to read about your group. I think these groups are incredibly inspiring, something I could use a lot of.

    Jala, I wish we could all form one online and see what happens. It would be wonderful to be part of one you participated in.

    Dean, thank so much, we're definitely having fun so far.

    A Painters Journal, thank you very much. We're really thrilled with the results so far.

    Thank you all again from himself, your comments mean a lot.


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