Thursday, May 20, 2010

CIREE almost there

oil on canvas
still in progress

This painting has caused quite the ruckess (how does one spell ruckess?) here at chez Berry. Himself was adamant that I not touch it again and call it finished. I disagreed... quite loudly I might add. "I'm just giving you my opinion," he asserted, following a rather boisterous accounting of comments on my blog that agreed with his "opinion." We had quite the discussion about what encompasses "giving an opinion." I posited that if one is just giving an opinion, one states that opinion and then shuts the hell up! Proof positive that what Mr. Berry was expressing was not an opinion.

It's an unsettling feeling because, as you know if you're an artist, one becomes quite intimate with a work in progress. And it seemed every time the subject came up I was warned not to touch it. In his defense though, I do the very same thing to him. He created a 40x40", oil on canvas caricature of Ani DiFranco some years back and overworked it to within an inch of it's lovely little life and I, being the loving wife that I am, have not let him forget it. Payback is, as they say, a beeeatch!

While I certainly appreciate the compliment, I was looking forward to working on the painting and found myself quite afraid to touch it. It's been a few weeks and today I was feeling rather full of myself and confident in my vision and decided to carry on.

Himself hasn't see it yet. We'll see.


  1. This is stunning Suzanne, I'm glad you decided to carry on!

  2. Wow Suzanne! I think this is one of your best! It packs a lot of punch.

  3. You have such a way with words...I found myself laughing as I read. I love your "Ciree" and am also a fan from Survivor. The expression you captured in the painting is sooo her.

  4. Oh my gosh!! Look at those magnificent skin tones!! Look at that facial expression! This is phenomenal, Suzanne. The slightly worn hat and clothes belie that regal look a bit as well. I admire this woman's pride and sense of self and wish I had a bit of it myself. I too find myself laughing through your posts!

  5. You gotta trust yourself... Ruckus or not.

    The color on the background is intense... while I liked the earlier version, too, this brings a whole 'nother level of emotion to the portrait. The cool highlights are outstanding.

    It's listed as 16" x 20", but you've posted it a square... I'm curious about the overall composition...?

  6. Wow! This is just fantastic, Suzanne!! The skin tones are awesome and her face is so expressive. Beautiful!!!

  7. WOW!
    The hat and the skin tone so beautiful.
    What is the actual size Suz???
    Outstanding piece.

  8. Okay Suzanne... you are a superstar! Can anyone say, "Bang on!"? You nailed this one! Someone has to tell Ciree to look at this blog! It is glorious... the skin tones, the colour of the background, the hat, the abstracted details of her top. Whew! Everything.

    Sometimes ignoring husbands can be a very, very good thing!


  9. All I can say Suzanne, is thank God you have your own inner voice. This work is great, I must say I enjoy your blog. I am still laughing. Did you ever read about Manet, when he put the finishing touches on Berta Moriso painting. She didn't want to show it, it now hangs in the Met. I have a feeling your painting of Ciree may have the similar destiny. Great work.

  10. STUNNING!!!! WOW, that's all I gotta say.

    And your post totally had me cracking up, you're so dang witty :)

  11. Well, I'm afraid for Tim, because you have another "I told you so" to throw at him for the next couple decades. It's just not fair.

    I agree with every expletive used above. You have captured that "mmmmm hmmmm, I don't THINK so" attitude perfectly. I'd love to see it in person.

    Rock on!


  12. It's the hat. It always was "almost" all about the hat, and you nailed, nailed, nailed it.

    I loved it before, but it just got incredible. Your courage to continue paid off here, and not a lot of us would have tried to add to this piece. Maybe that's a good reason to work on the entire surface bringing up all aspects at the same time. One area can easily become too precious and freeze the creativity.

    Don't be too hard on himself...he cooks.

  13. We have the same 'discussions' in my house. I value my husband's opinion, but really, more so when he agrees with me! He actually went out an bought a really expensive oh-so-rococo frame to put around a overly colorful, overly sentimental painting I did of my cat from my imagination - when I had a 102 degree fever. It looks... for want of a better word... stupid. I think he felt so guilty that he was traveling while I was sick, but still...
    You did a fabulous job- I love the little bit of delicious brown in her eye - her jaunty tilt to her hat - those lips!

  14. Hi Suzanne, I found you on Crystal's blog. Love your paintings - very fresh and very skillful. Hope you might check out my blog when you get a chance:

  15. This is beautiful, everybody else has already said what I wanted to say! You rock!

  16. Apologies for my late response to these incredibly kind and generous comments. We took a bit of a holiday and just got back.

    Dana, thank you so much! One for my side! Yes!

    Mona, thank you!!! I so appreciate your comment, coming from you it means so much.

    Ariel, thank you! I really appreciate it. What do you think of russell?

    AutumnLeaves, thank you!! What wonderful comments. They mean a lot and I really appreciate them.

    Carol, thank you so much!

    R Garriott, thank you! i'm not sure about the background so your comment really helps. and it's a 16x16", sorry. i'm so used to the other size.

    Linda, thank you so very much!

    Irit, thank you! I really appreciate your words. The correct size is 16x16". Oops.

    Nicki, WOW!! Thank you!! I'm so grateful for your words and that fact that you're on my side!

    Joan, what a wonderful thing to say, thank you so much. Another vote for my side! Himself still likes the earlier version better. Harumph!

    Crystal, thank you so much!

    Don, Yea!!!! Another on my side! In the dictionary, under stubborn is a snap of himself. he's diggin his heels in. thank you so very much and if you're ever in the big apple you've got an open invitation. And you're right, he does cook.

    JeanneG, thank you!

    Kelley, thank you so much! Aren't husbands just so cute. makes ya wanna pinch their little cheeks. hard. i'd love to see the painting of the cat.

    Carol, oh my! I will treasure your words, thank you so very much!!

    Karen,thank you so much. I will definitely check you your blog, thanks for the invite!

    哲維哲維, i translated. at least it wasn't porn, but i have no idea what you said. if it was nice, thank you so much. if not, thank you anyway.

    CameliaS佳宣, i translated this as well. i'm not sure what it means, but it's sorta lovely.
    "Away from the life of friendship, as if removed from the life of the sun ..." Hmmm.

    Diana, thank you so very much. I really appreciate your words.

  17. Vern, I'm sorry, I passed your incredible comment by!!! tres rude! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! and you're right, not don, he does cook! thank you again!!

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  19. Suzanne!

    Wow, what a transformation from the previous step!

    So much color has been pumped into this latest version.

    I can see why "Himself" thinks it's finished.

    I love it!



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