Thursday, June 3, 2010


For the Birds
16" x 16" (40.7cm x 40.7cm)
oil on canvas
$250 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. Memorial Day is a wonderful sentiment for our troops, both past and present, but thank you just doesn't seem to even come close to enough for the sacrifices they made and are presently making. I think "thank you" will mean a lot more if the reason we're compelled to say it every year were summarily eliminated.

These little ceramic critters were a gift. Not in the real sense of the word but an accidental gift. I'm working on a few commissions and donation paintings as well as concepts and portraits I've been wanting to do, but they're all time consuming and seem to be dragging along. I've been hankerin for a quick, easy painting with a more muted palate just to try and get back on the daily train. There is no substitute for that kind of experience not to mention the sense of accomplishment that follows.

Another artist, Linda Popple, was kind enough to drop by and leave a comment about Ciree here a few weeks ago.  I'm not familiar with her so I popped on over to her blog to check out her work. I absolutely loved what I saw. Check out her post for today, The Group at It's bold, colorful and graphic. Anyway, I saw her painting of these birds and read her post which suggested a visit to Just the ticket. A challenge photo is posted every three weeks and anyone is invited to paint it and have it posted on the blog. It was exactly what I needed.

I haven't finished a painting in one day in quite a while. I'm really going to make an effort to get back to it so I can find my voice. Yeah, I know, I've said that before. I've also been thinking of limiting my palate. I still didn't achieve the muted look I had in mind. But it's a start. Thank you Rookie Painter. Thank you very much.


  1. In your honour and in honour of all the Illustrators and Painters, I published
    an illustration.

  2. Very nice job Suzanne. It really shows off the ceramic look.

  3. Sweet and simple, love it Suzanne! Springlike, too!!

  4. Thank you, Suzanne for the link to my blog and your kind remaks! You made my day! :-)

    Your birds are wonderful. You really nailed that ceramic look. Well done!

  5. Well done Suzanne, love how you interpreted the colours good challenge.

  6. I feel like I can reach in and pick up one of these ceramic critters, beautifully painted, love it!

  7. Ooh, I love this one. I knew they were little ceramic figurines right off the getgo. Beautiful colors and I find myself wondering if I've seen these live before (obviously ones just like them).

  8. What a perfect job.
    Beautiful colors and the way you nailed the look, the ceramic look, is amazing.
    Great piece!

  9. Suzanne, your painting is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so glad you decided to participate and share it! I hope you find time to participate in future challenges as well - Thanks very much for mentioning Rookiepainter on your blog also; it's much appreciated!

  10. Great job! Love the highlights. Gives them a very ceramic look. Your painting is better than the reference!

  11. Very lovely painting - the ceramic looks very convincing - I love the simplicity of this piece!

  12. Great job Suzanne, and thank you for introducing us to another wonderful artist. You have certainly captured the look of ceramic.

  13. Dang, Suz. You crushed this one! It's my turn to feel inspired. Thanks for that!


  14. Tweet, tweet, tweet!

    Love the browns and blues working together in this one, Suzanne!


  15. Nicely done. I like your choice of composition, kind of high on the canvas. Nice shiny-glossies, too.

  16. Suzanne!!! I love those birds, they are beautiful and. . . well I just love them. I would hang that baby in my house where I could see it every single day.

    And you have now inspired me to do something like you have done, a simple subject in a day. i'm taking your challenge :) Thanks friend!

  17. Well, I certainly can't compete with Angelina's comment ;) But I ADORE these birds - I painted a very similar (probably actually the SAME birds a couple of weeks ago!). What are your colors on your palatte? I use a warm and a cool of blue, red and yellow plus white and burnt umber. As needed I let an 'alien' color in. Muted is NOT my middle name, though, I do admire artists like Sean Thomas who make it look both easy and mysterious...

  18. SKIZO, thank you so much! I love your site and work.

    Gary, thank you so much!

    Mary Anne, thank you! I loved the simplicity of the reference photo.

    Linda, you are so welcome. thank you! i love your work and Rookie was just what i needed!

    Sam, thank you so much. It was a good exercise in trying a muted palate.

    Diana, thank you very much!

    AutumnLeaves, thank you!

    Irit, you are too kind, thank you so very much.

    Jen, thank you so very much. I'm so glad Linda pointed me in your direction. It's just what I needed. I love the newest photo and can't wait to get started.

    Gwen, thank you!! What a lovely thing to say!

    Karen, thank you very much. I really appreciate your words.

    Joan, thank you! Isn't Linda's work lovely?

    Don, thank you! You are my constant inspiration!

    Dean, thanks so much. It's been 6 months and I still havent' finished your envelope. I'm pond scum but I mean well. It will be delivered by months end.

    R Garriott, thank you so much! I think going to a site and finding a reference photo to work from is going to be just what I needed. Chat soon.

    Crystal, Wow, thanks! Painting a piece each day is like working out each day. The results are very noticeable. now if i could only work out. Thanks so much for your lovely words, they mean a lot!

    Kelley, i so agree, a muted palate somehow seem more authentic if that's the word i'm looking for. i used ultramarine blue, raw umber, white, burnt sienna and black. off to see sean thomas.
    thanks so much.


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