Monday, June 28, 2010


24" x 36" (61.0cm x 91.5cm)
oil on canvas
$750 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Well, this was done right down to the wire! It's the last day for submission to the challenge for this three-week period. I really loved the reference and intended to paint something barely there, ethereal and muted. Not! But, we'll see, I think my touch is lightening up a little.

I'll spare you the usual whining about the results. It's 94 degrees, I haven't done the June Cleaver shuffle around the old homestead, I'm pissed off, cranky and am trying, with great difficulty, to recall the last time I needed a sweater.


  1. Well done...under pressure, too!
    you cracked me up about the June Cleaver shuffle....102 here yesterday...horrible.

  2. It only got to a hunert-and-ten today. Brrrr... Could I borrow a sweater?

    Nice job with the painting. The foreshortening on that front clothespin kicks some major drawing a**!


  3. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。......................................................................

  4. Hence my love of the northern climes. Though admittedly they are a royal PITA in the summer months. I'm cranky myself but must say that this is a perfect rendering of clothespins in a jar! Very clean and photographic quality to the piece, Suzanne. There is nothing you can't do, my friend!

  5. This is stunning Suzanne... who knew clothespins could be stunning???? I would love to see it in person to appreciate it's size. It would look so cool in a room. Nice going- I hope it sells!


  6. You are amazing! The subject is NOT important, as you prove here. Simple. Perfect.

  7. Lol! You are so funny :):):) I had to wear a sweater last night actually.

    I love this painting, I love the composition and the muted colors.

    Here is my honest and true thoughts about it. . .

    IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! ;)

    Okay? okay :)

  8. Great painting!!

    I get cranky when it's too hot, and cranky when it's too cold. I'm such a Goldilocks, it's embarrassing. (Been really hot here too.)

  9. Cathyann, thank you very much! I did finally slap on the latex and dig in. Whew! It's been lovely the past few days but it's back to the cooker tomorrow. Arrrrgh! Stay cool!

    Don, I bow to your acclimatization there is Las Vegas land. I don't know how you do it. I thought myself a tropical type. Not! And thank you so much for your kind words.

    江婷, this translates to: Can impart knowledge, wisdom can not. Each person must be his own...

    sounds like it was on its way to a deeper meaning.

    AutumnLeaves, Wow, I am so very grateful for your very kind and generous words!!! Thank you so very much. I'm about to get my crank on again, sposed to be 90 tomorrow. Arrrgh!

    Nicki, thank you! I do too! :0) I really appreciate your kind words!

    Kelley, you are amazing! thank you so much!

    Crystal, your are too kind, thank you so very much! It finally cool off but we're back in it tomorrow. Back to being a bitch! Thank you, I really appreciate your comments.

    Jala, Thank you! Come to think of it, my crank is not at all a weather related thing, I too am a Goldilocks. I want perfect weather and I want it now! Thanks for your help too, I really appreciate it.

  10. Heehee funny post, we had several unbearably humid days in Cleveland... I like your choice of colors in this painting, Suzanne... They do have a nice subtle quality.

  11. I love that reflection, it's so clean and the lead in w/the clothespin in bottom right is spot on - really lovely, am admiring the size of this too, which I could see it for real.

  12. Excellent I have added you to my new blog list

  13. A wonderful concept and painting, Suzanne. Loved Ricci. Great personality.
    I do thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. It was a great weekend and sales in our gallery were great. I even did a little guide service taking some folks from Baltimore on a 4-wheel jaunt straight up a mountain to look for Bighorn Sheep. It is never foggy in our area and ...It was foggy and I had to explain what they were looking at and could not see. Embarrasing for a guide. LOL

  14. Clean, direct composition, really a great piece! Love the size as well...

  15. Love this Suzanne, great subject only a good eye could capture!!

  16. Suzanne!

    I really like the eggshell color of the table against the soft lilac backdrop!

    Subtle yet pretty!



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