Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Three Kings
24" x 18" (61.0cm x 45.8cm)
oil on canvas
$750 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Whenever I look at these proud stubby little bottles with their soft round crowns of cork, I imagine them as an integral part of some perverse nativity scene... barely visible through the grime shrouded window of some downtown bar. 

They just look majestic somehow. Can't explain it. There's something cuddly about those shrunken down bottles of spirits on the shelves behind—or just adjacent to—the cash register in liquor stores. It looks as though some prone to practical jokes wizard dropped by for a bottle of red and with a wave of his wand miniaturized an entire section of the store. They never really quite look proportional though do they.

These puppies are from last summer. They were our "germ killer" of choice, bought to chase down two dozen little neck clams, served on a bed of crushed ice and garnished with beautifully arranged green leaf lettuce. I remember it clearly because I had planned to snap a shot of the small feast. Ripe with the smell of ocean tides and dotted with the best homemade cocktail sauce on the planet, courtesy of himself, I thought it might make a nice daily. But we dove in and finished 'em off before I could so I shot the kings instead.

Still a lot of detail to finish up, but I have to stop and get some deadline work done so I thought I'd post it now. I tried for a looser look, I held the brush a la Master Hein and left fresh strokes but alas, it still looks tight and overworked. I'll get there. I'm feelin' optimistic and positive. The boys are sleeping under my chair, gently snoring and floating the occasional air biscuit. I swear, one would expect they'd float to the ceiling with all that gas inside such a small area. I think we're all getting into the groove and mom can work now without crating them, most of the time anyway. 

Wish I had some little necks.


  1. I agree that this is a very cool piece...I love the light shining through the bottles!

  2. These are beautifully rendered, Suzanne. I just kept wanting the image I clicked on to get larger (and larger) so I could soak in even more of those gorgeous colors you used. I especially appreciate that you arranged them the way you did.

  3. These are looking pretty fresh to me, I love the translucence in the glass! I think you did good!!! They do look a bit regal!

  4. Not overworked at all in my opinion. They look good as they are!

  5. Cracked up at your title. They DO look like little kings! Beautifully painted. Love the shimmer of the glass and the great reflections.

  6. I love the glass reflections and the corks. Beautiuful—not overworked at all.

  7. SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL! You're good... Now I need a shot of Patron to toast such beauty.


  8. What a beautiful little painting and perfect little subjects! I love this Suzanne. But then I haven't seen a thing you've done that I haven't loved. Your comments on the puglets made me laugh! (Nancy Medina has pugs...three of 'em...and they serve as her studio assistants as well!)

  9. WOW!
    Have you been a Costco? The 3 Amigos were on sale.LOL.
    Perfect! What shell I say another amazing piece Suz.

  10. Julie, thank you VERY MUCH!

    Dana, thank you so much! I appreciate it.

    Sandy, Wow, thank you so very much! I really appreciate your comments. Thank you too for noticing the arrangement! You made my day.

    Mary Anne, Thank you!!!

    Kristen, thank you so much!

    Gwen,thanks. I knew you'd see them that way too. Your words mean a lot.

    Carol, thanks so much.

    Don, Your words mean so much and they make me laugh every time. Your comments are perfect!

    AutumnLeaves, thank you so much for such a wonderful comments, I appreciate them more than I can say. The puglets are incredible, they're like moving art!

    Irit, not Costco, but our neighborhood spirit store. thanks so much!

  11. Amazing! Once again you stun me. The liquid oozes glow, and I'm especially impressed with your beautiful rendering of the type.

  12. Fan-freakin-tastic! Absolutely amazing. Overworked?!! Heck no! These babies are beautifully done!

  13. Check out daily painters every day and this is amazing! Will be watching, great work.

  14. I love the painting, and now I am craving little necks. Suzanne, once again you have produced an amazing painting. Oh, how I want to be able to capture the light the way you do. Okay for me it's back to the drawing board. Thank you for sharing your work. All the best to you.


  15. "Perverse nativity scene": hahahahaha, nice one! This is a wonderful painting, very nice juicy color here. The sense of illumination is great.

    P.S. I see you're still getting these Chinese porn spam comments. ;) I do too, I just reject them now.

  16. Hi Suzanne.

    Ooooh, I like the new look! This painting really shows nicely against the new gray background of your blog!

    These bottles are beautiful. Well done. Be proud, if not a little drunk!!!


  17. r, thank you so much!! your comments mean so much, I admire you work more than I can say.

    Crystal, thank you so much! What wonderful comments, I appreciate them so much.

    Susan, thank you very much!

    冠宛君中, ok!

    Joan, you are too kind. You capture light beautifully! thank you so very much for these amazing comments.

    Jala,thanks so much. How do you reject them? I've been just deleting when they appear, is that what you mean? Thanks again for your kind words.

    Nicki, thanks so much! I love the new templates they offer, I'm so glad you like it. And thank you for you kind words.

  18. Suzanne!

    You know you're good when you can make liquor a work of art! Unbelievable job on this!

    Elegant, detailed, and rich looking!

    The colorful bottles look stately and appear to glow in certain spots! Wow!!

    Clever title too!



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