Wednesday, June 23, 2010


oil on canvas

Ahh, another donation painting done. This is Rikki. Next!


  1. Rikki is adorable! I like your brush strokes and the colors you chose. You really got a cute expression, too.

  2. Beautiful!! Look at that soft and silky fur!!

  3. Love your Yorky, his coat looks so soft and silky and freshly groomed with just a hint of spikiness around the edges,super.

  4. I love Rikki.
    Your brush strokes r egreat.

  5. I really like that you didn't get carried away with every little hair on this cutie! The blocks of colour along with the stroke of the brush gives the piece so much life!

  6. Love this little guy! Really great job on the fur...and that face. He is so cute and at the same time looks like he would take and ankle off. Sweet expression. Your pet portraits are always so full of life and personality!

  7. Beautiful job on Rikki, I love the silky fur!

  8. Oh my gosh, is that adorable or what!
    "splendorious", my favorite word for awsome.
    We looked at some of your other art pieces,,, wow- !

  9. He's gorgeous, he's shining on the canvas! And has so much character, great work Suzanne.

  10. Aww Suzanne, this is stunning, beautiful colours and expressive strokes. I love the background its a perfect compliment)

  11. Adorable!, I want a puppy, maybe not. Just remembered your post about your little pugs. Have a great day.

  12. Way cute! I want to pet his fur! Lucky recipient!

  13. What a perky little pup! Awesome job on that silky fur.

  14. Linda, thanks so much! I'm finally learning not to involve myself with each tiny hair! :0) thank you so much.

    AutumnLeaves, thank you!

    Diana, thank you so much!

    Irit, much appreciated, thank you.

    Karen, thank you! I used to concentrate on every strand! Thank you for your words!

    Gwen, thank you so very much.He does look as though he could do some damage.

    Dana, thank you very much!

    Tweedles, thank you for visiting! I'm so glad you liked my work. I am delighted every time I visit you, thank you so much. xoxo right back at cha!

    Caroline, thank you very much!

    Sam, Wow, coming from you that means the world, thank you.

    Joan, thanks so much! Yeah, dude, think about the pet parenting long and hard. I just looked down at blu whose nestled under the chair I'm sitting in now and thought it was all worth it. Still....

    Mary Ann, thank you so much!

    Liz, thank you!

    Becky Joy, thank you very much!

  15. What a captivating painting, Suzanne: wonderful job you did!

    I especially appreciate the understated fur texture. It looks so soft and "stroke-able" and yet you've kept it looking like paint, which I love. Economy of brushstroke is something I strive for but often get carried away wanting it to be realistic. Photographic realism has its charms but painterly is so much more interesting.

  16. Adorable, shiny (fur), and CUTE!!



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