Thursday, May 6, 2010

THE MUSCIAN in progress

detail - in progress

This is a detail shot of the beginning of a painting I'm calling The Musician. I've been doing commissions and donation paintings trying to catch up, and I cannot wait to be able to just paint stuff. This was started a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to get back to it as yet, but soon. It's good to have work I have to do, it helps me appreciate the work I want to do.

Raz is back to normal, they run around and around like little crazed muppets on crack. I'm beginning to get the "pug" thing. We've actually spent entire evenings watching them interact instead of the television, and for us, that's sayin' a lot! The time is approaching when they'll just be hangin' while mom's workin'. No more crating, no more time outs. Of course I'll have to put down my brush to extract the occasional sock or roll of toilet paper from their mouths, but they're pretty much good to go. I'm almost feelin back to normal.

A funny thing happened on my way to translating a comment left on my last post. It wasn't some kind artist from Japan or China stopping by to leave a complimentary message. It was a gateway to pornography! Oh well.


  1. This is beautiful! Please post the finished painting.

  2. What a lovely beginning you have going on here. The lighting is spectacular and quite dramatic and the colors are gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the final result.

    I'm glad life is settling in around the pups. Kids and critters can sure bring drama into a home... gotta' love it.

    I figured those little "comments" were probably something of the sort. Spammers are just so damn clever - and should all rot in hell...

    Happy Creating!


  3. Yep, I've had those comments myself and now I just automatically dump them. Not something I want anyone to be able to access from my blog! LOL This Musician painting is gorgeous! She has such delicate and stunning features! I delight in hearing the pug puppy stories!

  4. I see your works in progress and wonder how you are going to make them better.

  5. Now this is going to be deadly. Everything is perfect.

  6. It is so clear, not a RAZ, this is going to be a master piece.
    Looks amazing. Keep painting my dear.

  7. That is so amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished :)

  8. Me parece genial. But, why not finish it?. You can't feel afraid of your results.

  9. Hi Suzanne,

    Same thing happen several times to my blog. I deleted after a little scream. All I understood was the word sex. Oh well enough of that nonsense.

    I can't wait to see this painting finished. I love it, I agree with Crystal "amazingly beautiful".
    All the best to you.


  10. Really beautiful work! Can't wait to see the final version. Love that highlight on her cheek.

  11. Fantastic start to this commission. wow. Glad to hear Raz is back in action. And yes, I've gotten those chinese video comments, too! oy.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. This painting is looking cool. Very graphic at this stage. Er, not graphic as in your Asian porn link.... I get those Chinese comments too, and now I just delete them. :)
    The Poubles!

  14. Linda, thank you very much. I'm looking forward to continuing work on this and your words are very encouraging.

    Don, thank you! It was nice to get back to figurative painting. I so appreciate your words, as always. And the kids are getting use to just roaming about and I felt I could trust them until Blu decided to lift his leg and let go on the couch. Ouch! Marking territory. Men!
    And isn't it amazing that there are folks whose day is focused on trying to ruin others? Somebody needs a hug.

    Kathy, thank you!

    Patrick, thanks so much!

    AutumnLeaves, i'm so naive. I'm feelin all guilty cuz i can't respond to what i thought were kind words. People are so very strange. And thank you so much for your comment on the painting, I really appreciate them. And also thank you, it's so cathartic to get my frustrations out about the furry ones.

    Rick, thank you so very much for such an incredibly generous comment!

    Vern, Wow! Thank you!!

    Irit, thank you so very much! I love your comment!

    Crystal, thank you so much!

    Julian, thank you. I can't wait to get back to work on it.

    RuTh, thank you.

    Joan, isn't that strange? People are so incredibly weird. I had a laugh and deleted it. I felt badly because I could not respond and say thanks! :0) And you comment means a lot, thank you so very much.

    Gwen, thank you so much.

    L,Thank you so much! I'm finding a lot of folks have received those. creepy eh? And thanks for the kind words about the Daz Man.

    Jala,thanks so much. I'm glad to hear the Chinese porn connection isn't something new. Silly. Yeah Poubles!

  15. This work is great! Even if it's a WIP I think it's already wonderful and can be considered finished!

  16. This one really caught my eye. Absolutely beautiful.

  17. Suzanne!

    This painting is coming along nicely!

    I love the cropped, close-up shot and the unique angle of her face.

    Love all the reds, purples, blacks, and browns in her hair too!



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