Wednesday, August 4, 2010


oil on canvas
in progress

Well, it's pretty obvious I didn't limit my palette yet. I will and am looking forward to it very much. There was so much going on with the sun on her face, I needed to use oranges, yellow ochers etc. I've posted this to light a fire under the hind parts to get back to work. I've been so busy cleaning I haven't had any extended time to paint.

Speaking of cleaning, happily the universe is helping out. I got a call yesterday asking if I had any books, magazines, household items, clothing etc. They hit the motherlode here. I've got 7 huge bags full to be taken away tomorrow morning and more to follow. I get overwhelmed, depressed and want to give up there is so much stuff, but I'm determined to get it all out of here.

I'm trying a new canvas surface for this one and I really love it. It's a heavyweight linen with some tooth to it and it really takes the paint well. I started this along with the new beginning but had to put it away for a bit.

Back to going through the books and mags. Please forgive my seemingly that a word? your wonderful comments. After I'm all tidied up, I'm working out whether or not to thank folks on my blog or send an email. Does anyone know the proper etiquette? Miss Manners would have a whole new career handing down edicts stating the proper, polite behavior online.

I'm off.


  1. Suzanne - this is GORGEOUS! Wow. Your palette is working for you - you want to mess with it? lol And I know what you mean about the cleaning thing. One step at a time and it will all get done ; )

  2. beautiful as always. can't wait to see the finished piece of this as well as your "after" photo of your new beginning! i think all artists have a tendency to hold onto things we don't need to. but yes, when we let that stuff go, it's so cathartic... best of luck to you!

  3. You've not only captured the bright light, but also the look of someone trying to shield it. The reflected light on her face from the sunglasses is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Proper etiquette for online blog responses - I have no idea! I've seen it done both ways. The problem I see with responding on the comment section is the person may not come back and see it. The problem with emails is that it is time consuming. What a dilemma! I'll be interested to see what thoughts other people have.

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  5. Gosh...I think this is wonderful the way it is...the colors are great and the gesture really works!

  6. Suzanne, Suzanne, this is just top notch. I can really feel the light on her face, bright and almost blinding! In fact, I'm squinting as well, as if the light is on me too. Funny thing, you say you see in my paintngs something you want to do but cannot, well I have the same reaction to yours. The grass is always greener, huh? ;)

    As for etiquette, I think either leave a comment on the other person's blog (if they have one) so that they get it (I also think you grow from looking at others' works so you'll develop even more from seeing what others are doing, esp. those who engage with you). Or if they've said something really special that has made an impact on you and helped you in your painting then take the time to send them an email.

    That said, I often leave small thank you notes on my own comments form to show any visitors to my blog that I welcome and greatly appreciate feedback/tips/critical evaluations/support and to show that I like engaging with others and value their interest.

    It's a complex cyber world...

    Best of luck with the cleaning! Boy oh boy wll you feel fantastic by the end of it...

  7. Suzanne, you always make me smile. I love how your mind works. I think this is a gorgeous painting. I love how you've highlighted the main subject with light and shadowed the surrounding crowd. Reminds me of sitting at a ball game or the race track (not that I go to the race track, but I remember going with my parents when I was a kid). I am suddenly wanting Cracker Jack...

  8. I do so love your paintings and your style and am always in awe of them. You are so inspiring and I love reading your blog too, always makes me smile, thanks for sharing a bit of your life and thoughts.
    I know that when I have had a good clear out of my clutter I feel much more in control of my life and less overwhelmed and chaotic.

  9. Suzanne, 1. Forget apologizing for not responding, we're all there and understand that! 2. Keep up the good work on organizing, I hear from so many when you are tidy and somewhat organized it is less stressful. Less stress (soothing surroundings, knowing where everything is) more production. 3. Keep painting, your work is great and lately even more amazing! 4. We all look forward to your writing and paintings when you get the chance, if it was every day, we wouldn't be as excited to get it!
    Love your passion, you are an awesome blogger to follow!

  10. Suzanne, your painting is beautiful! I, too, suffer from "too much stuff" and chaos, and have found a wonderful website to help with skills I have "in there ... somewhere"!

  11. Wonderful progress on this piece! Keep the faith, your cleanup act will continue and be successful! I know it is a pain and frustrating and tiresome, but you will be SO happy when you have done it! The idea is to KEEP UP with the cleanup as time goes by - don't let it get away from you again. As for commenting to people, I know what you mean. I get your messages to me as emails - is that how you send them to me? I also see your comments on my blog.

  12. Suzanne I LOVE this!!! The colors in the skin tones are FABULOUS! I meant, wow. i love it :) Yay with the success of cleaning! You're doing great. And I worry too about how to respond to people's comments, I have been bad at that too.

    But I really love when you stop by, i know how busy you are. And everyone of your comments always makes me smile and just feel happy inside.

    I know people get busy, life is busy. I just assume that people know if I'm not chatting back to them I'm swamped, and that they'll forgive me because they love me :) You think that works? Don't worry about it friend. i love your blog, your work, and your friendship and any time you spare to send a comment my way is just grand, but when you're swamped I totally understand that too. Good luck!

  13. Hey Suzanne! I too struggle with whether or not to reply via direct or on my blog (in comments or a post?!!) 9 times out of 10 I go and make a meaningful comment on the giver's blog?? So, even if it's not a direct response to what they said on my blog, it's still returning the favor of boosting the other's search engine results which is one of the big reasons getting (and giving) comments is so cool! I figure if someone really wants to know something they can email me direct?! If that makes any sense. Hey, I just got done with a WEEK of cleaning, sorting and purging, you're gonna feel AWESOME when it's all over. Keep up the great work, I LOVE seeing your new paintings!!

  14. Your work and your cleanout are inspiring to me Suzanne...can't wait to see the finished piece.

    I don't know what the blogger etiquette is either, but if the person has an e-mail address rather than a no-reply, I try to send a short thank you e-mail....occasionally I will comment on my blog if I have some time.

  15. This is magnificent. I look forward to seeing its progress!

  16. This is looking fantastic Suzanne!

  17. Suzanne!

    The painting is coming along nicely. The lights and darks are equally strong and firmly in place.

    Glad to hear the big clean-up is still going strong too!


  18. D'ya know what I love so much about your work? I always want to see more of it - no matter WHAT the subject. I love finding artists I feel that way about.

    Oh, and I could use a little help when you're done putting everything away (hehehe)...

  19. Your portraits are always glorious...the color, the contrast. I can't get enough of them and this one is absolutely spectacular. Not enough superlatives for how good this is. Can't wait to see the finished painting.

    As far as the comment etiquette, I always send a direct email response . I figure if the commenter is like me, they barely have time to make the comment much less go back to check if I've answered them. I want to make sure they personally know how much I appreciate THEM. That being said, I have heard that commenting within the blog boosts searches so the idea about leaving an occasional answer on the blog sounds good too.

  20. I wouldn't change your palette, if I were you--this works and is so beautiful. Don't fix it if it ain't
    Don't think about how much cleaning lies ahead--only congratulate yourself for every bit you have already done and think what an accomplishment!
    If there are really a lot of comments, then I think it becomes a matter of usage of one's limited time...and so in that case (limited time + lots of commenters) I tend to just put a great big thank you either as a comment myself below all the others' comments, or else on the next blog post in the text. I think it sounds like you have enough on your plate without worrying about this. We all love you and will be here no matter if you don't have time or energy to respond personally!
    Hi, Poubles!

  21. suzanne, i am so happy for you! my life has turned around completely since doing my massive house cleaning/sorting (that took 6 months!) - and it's great that you're starting to feel it! it can be a whole new look at your life, priorities . . . (hmmm . . . better not get too near Himself with one of those huge bags . . .)

    this painting is a real knock-out - detailed yet natural, & the blue in the background makes the skin tones glow!

    don't worry abt responding - as everyone's said, we all get really busy sometimes too! tho it does concern me, as well - i leave 'em on my blog for each commenter, but i worry they won't see them. but to email everyone, and maybe the email might be intrusive . . .? (& when i get ill & can't follow up even to comment on others' blogs, i worry i'll seem uninterested!) on the scale of things to worry about, maybe we can put this one toward the low end!

    good luck with the rest of the cleanup!

  22. All I can say is WOW - this is really an awesome painting. So glad I came across your blog.
    Good luck with the clean up - it is a daily struggle at my place.


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