Sunday, August 22, 2010


NFDP Drawings by Tim Berry
from top left: Mathilde 9x12" pen on paper; Heidi  9x12" pen on paper
Harriet 9x12" pen on paper; Violet 9x12" pen on paper

Since I appear to be unabashedly showing himself off, I thought it might be nice to share these drawings he completed recently. I'm still finishing up the art club painting in the midst of "the new beginning," hopefully I can complete it by tomorrow. I received a sample of Faber Castell's Pitt artist pen big brush in the mail recently and thought Tim might have some success with them. Apparently he did! I'm a big fan of anything he does, especially these incredible character drawings that he finds the most interesting and appropriate names for.

On the clean up front, the positive results just keep coming. I like to fuss when I ship my paintings to the very kind people that purchase them, so it takes me some time to prepare them for their journey to their new homes. Now, that I know where everything is, not only was I finished in half the time it usually takes, but I had a good, calm time doing it. No tension wondering where I last saw the tape or knife blades, the postal forms. And, I'm beginning to feel more professional and respectful of my work space which in turn is creating a desire to work more. Seems logical doesn't it?

And, thank you so very much for the wonderfully kind comments about "Himself." I'm also very grateful for the comments on the painting.


  1. these are thee coolest characters. I guess my confusion is who did them? and please don't say "Himself". susanne is an odd name for a guy. Or just never mind.

  2. Handsome and talented too... Lucky both of you!!!

    Glad you got your workspace organized... It does make ya feel more professional, doesn't it??

  3. Himself is an awesome caricaturist. I like Violet. She just looks so lah di dah!

  4. These are really wonderful! I admire anyone who can do a good Caricature. Seems like it would be so difficult to keep the drawing spontaneous while choosing the features that allow the unique personality of the subject to shine through. Tim clearly knows his way around this!

  5. I loved your painting of Himself, it's so gorgeous :)

    And these are fantastic sketches! I love the use of those brush pens :)

  6. Both your last painting and these drawings from Himself are really great! What a couple you to make!!

  7. what fun these are! such distinct characters, such vivid portrayals . . . looks to me like, except for mathilde, there's three generations of the same family there - or at least, they should be! so glad things are going well!

  8. I knew Himself could paint but didn't realize he did caricatures until now!

    Has he drawn the pugs yet?



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