Wednesday, August 25, 2010


30" x 30" (76.2cm x 76.2cm)
oil on canvas
$1,200 plus $25.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

There's a name for these ribbons and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it is! I know when it comes to me I'll be shocked that I didn't remember it. I've been searching my saved receipts but to no avail. Oh well.

Anyway, this is the art club painting for August. The word was, well in this case, the words were: August Steinbuhler, the man responsible for creating ribbon. Don't ask. Our meeting leader has told us that all will be explained at the end of our meetings for the year and that all the word(s) we've been given are connected and will make perfect sense. I'm really looking forward to finding out just what that connection is. It's funny too because a lot of the attendees didn't really feel Augie or his ribbon, but it was an interesting meeting nevertheless. So, in the meantime, as with most of the words we were given, I went straight for the obvious - a representational painting of the subject. More about that later.

So, there I was, faced with a valid reason to buy something. With the new beginning, I'm discovering that I don't need more storage, I just need less crap. Still, I wasted no time, hopped online and searched until I found 3 yard strips of the widest, most reflective ribbon I could find. I was thrilled when they arrived and took lots of shots from above in as many different configurations as I could arrange. I had a great time with the color, the contrast and reflections. Maybe this time a real series is brewing.

As far as going for the obvious, we had a productive chat about conceptual vs. representational art at the meeting. I came to the conclusion that I am and will probably always be a representational artist with not much in the way of conceptual thinking and that's just fine.  As Tim pointed out, no one is complaining, just paint what you want to. It seems the only one with the problem about what I paint is me.

That said, I've been thinking, a lot, and some concepts have actually materialized! Now that I've relaxed and accepted my "limits," I'm realizing the deal is that concepts, if they are to be meaningful, must come from a pure place or they won't be me or to anyone looking at them. Oh my! Growth spurt!

The cleaning continues. Another 15 huge shopping bags of stuff got picked up on Tuesday. I'm still overwhelmed and sink into depression when I begin to sort the stuff, but I have to push through, face my demons and get it all done. I'm feeling so much better and have been very inspired by my progress.

And again, I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful, generous and supportive comments. They help more than you can ever know.


  1. Fascinating! I love the reflective quality of the ribbons. Such a complex painting and you have made it look effortless!

  2. I love ribbons that have that sheen that changes colors depending on how light hits it. You've captured that magic so beautifully!!! Keep up that good work with all the sorting and disposing and dispensing!

  3. This ribbon painting is amazing! I hope you do a series. The colors are beautiful and you captured the reflective quality. LOVE your work!

  4. You've captured the iridescence of the ribbons so well. And the composition, well, you've created a 'realistic abstraction'-- something I always enjoy.

  5. I have been painting images with ribbons included for some time now and find something magical in the way light hits and reflects from their surface. These iridescent colours make for more interesting painting sessions too. I also understand completely about not forcing a "concept" to come to you - it will or it won't and it really doesn't matter if the paintings are from your heart, no matter what the subject.

  6. Fabulous! I love the way you crumpled them to create all of that play of light. The iridescence is quite stunning. Love that clear blue shadow too. It adds such a nice cohesiveness. The white background and the Abstract quality looks wonderfully contemporary. Hope you are right about this evolving into a series!

    I think Tim has it right...just paint what you love because your fans love it!

    Congrats on staying focused on the Great Clean-Out!

  7. These ribbons are super. I can't imagine tackling such a difficult subject. I love you're transparency about your clean out project. I don't know why it's so hard to do.

  8. Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much for the tips re supplies in the US, I'll def try them out. You're right re stores running out of supplies as well. How ever did people cope without online shopping?

    You seem to be in a great place with painting at the moment. I've been following your works here and on the Daily Painters of NY blog as well and your works have been screaming out to me lately, jumping out of my screen and saying 'look at me, enjoy me!' It's quite amazing. Seems like the clear out has really done you good! Love the ribbons, so vivid and shiny, so shiny...

  9. My first thought when I saw these ribbons was, "Damn this girl is good!". And then I seconded that thought.

    I like R's definition of this being a "Realistic Abstraction". It fits perfectly.

    Kudos on the continued progress with your big organizational project. I know how daunting it can be and you're doing it the right way - just one bag at a time. One day soon you'll go to do another bag and discover you've finished...


  10. "With the new beginning, I'm discovering that I don't need more storage, I just need less crap."

    Oh how I wish more people would embrace this theme. It could be interpreted in so many ways... It's something I try to do myself though it doesn't come naturally.

    Great ribbons!

  11. Hi Suzanne,

    This is stunning! Do I say that about all of your work? Sorry if I am repeating myself. And again, this is another one that I think would look fabulous in a well decorated, modern room. It would be a great conversation piece. Have I said that before too? Really, I am not cutting and pasting my comments!

    I am beyond impressed with the purging and organizing you have been doing without any professional help at all! Do you have super powers we don't know about?

    I'm a year in to this blogging thing and I am taking the plunge into "Following". I am joining your flock!

    Take care,


  12. hi there! wowie - these are lovely - the reflections, shadows, color, movement - the texture of the ribbons, too! i also hope you may do a series - different lighting, etc . . .

    hang in there & have courage re the clean up - it is really hard - i once tried to get my mom to throw out her - hundreds - of extra plastic containers & she said, "but who would i be without my things?" it's a tough question but it's really good to clear out all the stuff & find out! congrats on continuing!

  13. Stunning painting, I can see this hanging in a contemporary home. It must have been hard not to get lost in all thise folds and crinkles. Love the blue shadows too.

  14. This is quite a beauty, you made ribbons have a character all their own!!

  15. So gorgeous, Suzanne! I don't know how you have the patience for this sort of representation, but you make it look easy and fun. I like your tendency to put subjects onto a white background (I'm thinking of your Bugs, and Facial Expressions works too).
    Hi, Poubles!

  16. You are my hero. I adore your paintings, and this one is no exception. Why try to be different than you are? You can admire anyone you want, but your own work is drop dead gorgeous.

    And I am inspired by your cleaning out. Gonna try it myself, on a smaller scale (though, actually, I should aim for a larger scale, but we've talked about that!)...

  17. Suzanne!

    Only you could make ordinary ribbons into a colorful and fantastic painting!

    I know going through old stuff that you've hoarded can get you down but at least you're doing something about it. Don't forget that!




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