Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WAITIN FOR DAD and the clean-up continues


Having been told that he's on his way, the boys wait patiently at the front door for dad's car to pull in the drive. Such incredible little heads, even from behind. I know Tim doesn't have furry feet, but these two little creatures are, for all intents and purposes, his babies. Yeah, I know, we're gettin into a weird area here, but, really, he is besotted with his two boys, as am I. They are beyond delightful and to all pug moms and dads I'd just like to say...I get it. If I knew them better at the time, I wouldn't have done so much whining when they were pups. I think.

Anyway they continue to amaze and delight. Lately, we've had to resort to spelling out key words like "out," "pee-pee," and "hungry," for our own safety. The other night, hoping to keep two 20-25 pound pugs from literally landing on his chest after hearing the desired word or phrase, Tim asked me if I thought they were— h -u - n- g- r- y— yet. They were at the end of the bed, lazin' about when suddenly, without warning— they pounced! He looked at me, incredulous..."What, they can spell now?" Looks like.

Raz continues to have health issues. He's scratched his right eye and has an ulcer in his left. We're applying and administering antibiotics and considering goggles for Christmas. But with each and every little issue that pops up our love for them just grows and grows.

Ok, enough cheese. The cleaning continues. I got stalled there for a bit and did a lot of wandering around, heavy sighing and yes, believe it or not, feeling sorry for myself. Odd that, considering I bought, ordered, had delivered or carried in every single thing choking the remaining closets and congesting the garage. Arrrgh!

This is what's behind curtain number one...the before and after the studio that I never use. Still working upstairs but as things get tidy I think I have a good shot at actually using this room!

I've got 3 paintings due in less than a week and as usual am waaaay behind. I appreciate your comments, patience and support so much. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. They have very cute little wrinkles between their ears. I had no idea dogs could spell...
    How big do you think their vocabulary is?

  2. This picture is too precious. What would we do without our dogs?

  3. I love hearing about your boys, Suzanne. Good job on the cleanup efforts too! You must be getting close to done!

  4. Suzanne, I just LOVE your blog :):) No need to apologize, I know you're a busy lady! Your doggie kiddos are so cute! I hope your little one's health problems get better. I have to spell things out around my dog too, especially 'outside' or even 'feed the dog' (which is what I tell my 8 year old to do). Oh, they're pretty smart aren't they? ;)

  5. Man, those are some smart dogs, Suzanne!

    If Raz starts wearing goggles you better show us those pics! The visual in my head is making me LOL right now!

    But I do hope his eyes are okay and that his health issues go away if possible.

    And good for you for keeping up with the cleaning and organization!


  6. That is SUCH a cute photo. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The little tiny ears really get me.
    "getting into a weird area here"--hahahahhaha. You always make me laugh with your phrasings.

  7. I see the boys were helping you in the cleaning process. It's good to know they're there for you as you are for them.


  8. OMG they are SO cute! I also use the word besotted when describing my husband's and my feelings for our 14 years young feline baby, Wendell. He is having a health crisis at the moment but I wouldn't change a moment with him. He's a delight.
    Your cleanup is looking very encouraging. I went through a similar clean up this summer because I was having stay over company. It helps.
    Your paintings are beautiful.

  9. Nice after from the before!
    I'm after terrible withdrawals after dog sitting a Vizsla for 18 days for a friend who went to Switzerland. We are mopping around without her's crushing.

  10. I discovered your blog about a month ago and I’m a daily visitor, just to poke around and look. I think you’re an amazing artist, and I’m trying to get there myself so I know wherefrom I speak!

    Your posts about the fear really touched me because I know how many of us have the same problem. Every time something comes together, I’m shocked. When I get a dud, I stop for several days. Or weeks.


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