Saturday, September 18, 2010


My new home page at

I'm not a big fan of embedded commercials, but, I just had to share my experience with my web host, Yahoo! I purchased a flash template last year for my home site because it needed an update. This meant that my uploaded files would be managed by staff the flash template folks employed. This also meant that whenever I needed to add to or delete content, I was forced leave it to the the template technicians, and that cost was not included in the initial purchase. So, for the last six months or so, realizing that I not only had fallen out of like with the design, the site itself was woefully behind in showcasing my current work. And so I began my search for a solution. I'll admit to being somewhat severely electronically challenged, so the prospect of looking for a solution that would give me control of content seemed a gargantuan task of biblical proportions.

I'll try to keep this short, although that prospect is becoming a dim possibility at this point.

I went to my email and followed the thread to small business help, typed in my message and asked to be contacted. My phone rang almost immediately! Sort of startled me actually, the speed with which the outside world can intrude into ones' cozy little lair, even if it was at my own request. I was guided, by a patient and friendly technician, to a page where I could choose a design for my site, write the content, upload my work to a slide show and publish all by myself! It took me one full day! I hit the publish button last night. I was astonished!

And I can access my site and control the content whenever it suits my needs! I say a big fat bravo to Yahoo! for being so proactive and user friendly. The mere fact that I was speaking to a human within almost seconds of seeking one out was like a breath of fresh air on a stifling hot day in this age of extensively long and complicated recorded messages. I should also point out that, as soon as I was on the phone and listening intently to his directions, there was a resounding knock at the door and another call was beeping in simultaneously! Why does that happen? I don't think someone has knocked on the front door or beedped in for months!

Please visit and check it out if you'd like. I wasn't bowled over by the design choices but I found one that I was somewhat happy with with only a few changes. The work is everything that is on my blog, but at least now first time visitors can easily view my gallery and it will be kept current! I really think all this tidying is having a really far reaching affect. I realized I was waiting for Tim to solve this problem. I'm grateful I took action and did it myself, it is after all my business. He, I'm glad to report, is very proud of me.

Also, if cleaning your brushes is the bain of your existence give the BrushMate Power Brush Cleaner a try. It's moderately priced and works like a charm, the only drawback being the cleaning fluid is pretty costly and needs replacing frequently. Still, it's worth it to me, cleaning brushes can sometimes take me an hour and I hate doing so with the heat of a thousand white hot suns.

If it seems I'm trying to whine less about being cursed (I'm being sarcastic here) with the truly painful need to create art everyday in the warmth and safety of my own home, you're right. It's time to be grateful and enjoy my gift. One day at a time right?


  1. Looks great, Suzanne! While I love the immediacy and cozy nature of your blog, it's really great to visit the galleries of your website and get a full WALL of Suzanne Berry... good proof that a website and a blog are not one in the same, and a good professional can benefit from having both.

  2. Nice job, Suz. Tim SHOULD be proud of you.

    I spent a while enjoying your galleries and was reminded of something I've known for quite a while now - damn you're good!


  3. I have to reiterate what Don said - damn you're good ;) Love your new look web site and it was a pleasure to peruse your wonderful artwork and be left totally in awe.

  4. Looks nice! I found the gallery to be very easy to navigate.

  5. Good going for taking the courage to set up a web site you can manage yourself! It looks great.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed my look around your site! You are amazingly talented Suzanne!!

    You're doing awesome :)

  7. Managing your own website is empowering...and a little least for me anyway. I had the same experience with Yahoo, but didn't have the fancy flash program. So when I bought a Mac, I used their template and now store and upload the files to publish through Yahoo. (Yahoo's templates only run on a PC) It takes an extra step, but works pretty well most the time. Your site looks great! I enjoyed your gallery of amazing usual. Regardless of what you paint, you have a gift for capturing mood and attitude.

  8. your work is absolutely amazing, Suzanne. The web site looks great.

  9. I'm so impressed...with both your fantastic work and your web savvy!

    The site is beautiful and so easy to navigate. Your friendly introduction immediately leaves the viewer eager to see what the delightful, accessible Artist has in store. I looked through each Gallery several times. Although I've been a fan of your work for a long time, I still came away marveling at your talent!

  10. the site works really well & looks great - having everything so easily accessible & gathered together really reinforces how wonderful your work is! (i've gotten my domain name, but haven't set up a site yet - gotta sit down & do that!) glad things seem to be going well these days, too!


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