Friday, September 10, 2010


20" x 16" (50.8cm x 40.7cm)
oil on canvas

I found this amongst the rubble, half finished, and felt compelled to work on it. As usual I think it needs more work but I'll put it away for awhile and see. I did this same set up a long time ago as a small daily as well.

I want to write something deeply moving about an artist I met online but I don't know how. She is going through a devastating, heartbreaking situation right now that I can hardly bear to think about and yet she finds the time and has the heart to stop by and leave cheerful messages of support. I'm humbled by this incredibly brave woman and her husband. Her situation puts all of my whining and depression so in perspective.

I want to wish you and your husband all luck and love in the world and I hope and I pray with all of my heart that a solution is forthcoming for you both. I don't know what else to say.


  1. Stunning!!! So glad you found this and went on with it. The reflections on the apples... oh my.

  2. This is amazing, Suzanne! I am always impressed with your work. I love the green apple on the far right. The colors in it - the warm and cool transition - just fabulous.

    I hope your blogging friend finds a solution to her problems.

  3. Suzanne, I am always so inspired by your paintings. I love how shiny they all look. Glad you found this treasure!!

    I pray your friend finds a solution.

  4. I found you via Linda P...and I know the blogger you are sad about--me too. I have lots of my own big tales of woe lately (my car got wrecked, I want to fix it..but now it seems it might be too far gone etc etc--) I also have a house full of CRAP (you're so inspiring)--well, all my troubles seem like nothing when I think of our mutual friend.
    I am sending up big positive thoughts for her.
    A scroll through your blog is a lot of fun.

  5. This is lovely Suzanne, beautiful reflections. I love the picture of the darling boys, you are right. Their heads are so cute. My son and girlfriend are here, back and forth thru grad school, so I get the pug grand dog a lot. It is hard to describe to people who don't know pugs, but they have this part human thing about them, our Ollie has the biggest personality of any dog I have known! love your organizing progress and pics, happy for you!!

  6. Suzanne!

    Don't you dare touch this anymore! It's PERFECT!

    This is soooooo good. Each apple is wonderfully glossy and has its own look.

    The reds and greens are eye-catching too!

    Impressive job here!

    And I'm sorry to hear about your blogging friend (now I'm wondering who it is!). I'm sending good thoughts her way!


  7. Suz... It's wonderful that through our blogging friendships we can develop relationships through which we are able to offer and receive nurturing and healing. Bless you for the caring words and thoughts you are sending towards your friend.

    The subtleties that you have worked throughout these apples is astounding. I'm glad you found this little jewel and shared it with us.


  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Is'nt it wonderful that we develop these friendships with people all over the world, that we will probably never meet? I, too have a blogger friend who is struggling with tragic issue, so I think I can relate.

    I am sending warm fuzzies to both of them!

  9. To think you found this amongst your rubble, I wonder what made you discard it, it is like all your other paintings, perfection!
    Sorry to hear about your blogging friend, hope she finds some positive resolution to her problems.

  10. Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, I think you should call it a wrap on this one! I don't know what you would change. It is terrific.

    You said you didn't know what to write about your dear blogging friend who is in a dreadful situation, but in fact you actually did. The words you wrote moved several of us enough to leave comments and good wishes for a person whose name we don't even know. Hopefully with all of this positive energy (which you started) flowing to her, things will get better, or at least she will feel some comfort. I truly hope that is the case.


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