Friday, September 24, 2010


14" x 11" (35.6cm x 28.0cm)
graphite on paper
$85 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

In an effort to be a tad more productive I thought it might be a nice idea to post something, so I sat down and found something I wanted to draw before having a seat in front of the canvas today. I am in the middle of 4 different paintings right now, but if I upload a "progress" post on one of them, it's tantamount to the kiss of death for said painting, so I think I'll just go ahead and finish them all before posting instead.

These little chubbettes were snapped while viewing a documentary. The lines of their intertwined bodies along with the roundness of their plump little limbs just made for an irresistible composition. I'm going to get back to drawing and even get the "floating faces" done for the few brave souls who sent their images. Thank you so much for sending them and I do apologize for taking so long.

Garage cleanup is our focus this weekend. That and another Pugfest at the cousins' house. Just watching four little chubby butts and eight little old-man bowed legs runnin around after each other till they drop is a treat I'm so looking forward to.

Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great drawing! I love all the sweet little round shapes and your composition.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Of course, the drawing is perfect, but for me I find the composition forming a "L" es very original. That is suitably discontinued by one leg.

  3. You know it's a good drawing when I want to nibble on those cute little toes. Perfect!



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